India To Get Its Own GPS Navigator Called NavIC By 2020

by Madhusree Chatragadda
India To Get Its Own GPS Navigator Called NavIC By 2020

Global Positioning System (GPS) is something none of us can do without in this fast-paced, technological world. From food to travel to healthcare and education, everything involves the internet and the usage of GPS at some point or the other. And there’s good news with regard to this for us Indians. We will soon have our very own system of navigation called NavIC. Read on to find out how it will operate.


Navigation with Indian Constellation i.e NavIC is a navigation system unique to India, designed by the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (ISRO). It took a whopping ₹ 1,420 crores to get the system up and running by next year i.e 2020. It will be India’s own alternative for GPS.

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Why NavIC?

So why are we building our own GPS? Is anything wrong with GPS? Well, yes and no. So the need to build our own navigation system came from an incident long back between India and the US. In 1999, during the Kargil War, an information request regarding Pakistan was denied to India by the US. And hence, the need for a separate GPS. This apparently will give us room to both civilians and military to work side by side without any interruptions.

Is There Any Difference?

NavIC is supposed to be a little more efficient than GPS even. It has an accuracy rate of up to 5 meters. The extensive service area is also wider than 1500 km.

What Else?

NavIC needs 7 satellites to be able to power up and function. Did you know 2 of these have already been launched into space? Yes! This was done back in 2016. The satellites provide navigation to both the military and civilians. What do you think of NavIC? Tell us in the comments below.

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