Japanese Man’s GPS Drawing Proposal To Girlfriend!

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Japanese Man’s GPS Drawing Proposal To Girlfriend!

Under 140 Characters

Getting proposed in the most unique, special and grand way is dream goals! This Japanese man with a World Record GPS drawing set out for the perfect proposal , making us wish we were his girlfriend!

What Is It?

Tokyo based artist, Yasushi Yassan Takahashi, drew a ‘Marry Me‘ sign through GPS for his girlfriend, Natsuki! He had previously, already set a Guinness World Record for his very first GPS drawing.

Credits: Daily Mail

What is a GPS drawing? It works largely in tandem with Google Earth and Global Positioning System (GPS) to create large scale pieces of Art.

What’s More?

It took Takahashi 7165 Km to make his masterpiece and of course, Natsuki said yes, setting our hearts aflutter!

Credits: The Japan Times

You too can set out on your own journey through Google Earth and generate mind-blowing GPS drawings! All you need is a GPS enabled gadget to upload data on to Google Earth and voila! Your own masterpiece is ready.

Any more Takahashis out there? Marry us already!