India-UAE Flight Fares Are Soaring And Have Increased By 50%  

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
India-UAE Flight Fares Are Soaring And Have Increased By 50%   

UAE residents, If you are planning to travel domestically in India, here is some news for you. Residents of the UAE might have to pay a little extra for airfare if they want to travel domestically within India. This is because airfares have increased by almost 50% between some cities. The reasons behind this are various, including the insolvency of Go First Airlines.

India-UAE Flight Fares Are Soaring 

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Senior manager for inbound and outbound operations at Regal Tours Worldwide, Subair Thekepurathvalappil, said that airfares for flying within India have increased by 50% between some cities. 

UAE residents thinking of travelling to India by air will have to pay a little more as there is a surge in airfares. 

The industry experts have mentioned some of the reasons behind this sudden surge in price. The managing partner at Pluto Travels, Bharath Aidasani, said that there are thousands of people from Gulf countries that flock down to India for their summer vacations. 

They also travel within India to different states and cities to meet their relatives and friends or for tourism. Since the number of seats is the same, there is a heavy demand.

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Factors Behind This Sudden Surge


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Industry experts mentioned many more reasons for the increase in airfare prices. They said that some of the reasons behind this are the increasing fuel prices and the insolvency of Go First Airlines.

Subair explained that Go First Airlines had very competitive flight fares, and hence, its insolvency had a great impact on the fares. 

This has caused a little disappointment for the travellers who were looking forward to exploring various destinations in the country. All the UAE residents who visit India during the summer months are actually feeling the impact on their pockets very badly. 

Many have been planning a trip to India to explore its cultural diversity and heritage, but the trip is costing them nearly double what they had imagined. 

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