India Unveils Its First Star Rating System For Restaurants, Announces The Star-Rated Winner Restaurants

India's first ranking system honours and identifies the best restaurants.

by Tejashee Kashyap
India Unveils Its First Star Rating System For Restaurants, Announces The Star-Rated Winner Restaurants

In the vibrant culinary landscape of India, a new star rating system has emerged. India’s first ranking system of this kind demonstrates a dedication to honouring and identifying the best restaurants.  This new star rating system sets a new standard for culinary excellence in India.

New Restaurant Rating System Unveiled

With sponsorship from Lavazza, Ultimate Restaurant Ratings by Culinary Culture Co seeks to give customers a roadmap to exceptional dining experiences by highlighting establishments that put quality, innovation, and passion into every dish. “Culinary Culture Ultimate Restaurant Ratings” were created with no outside influence to honour and acknowledge India’s best restaurants. In a first, the event unveiled 54 eateries spread over 6 cities recognised by this innovative restaurant star rating system, which raises the bar for culinary excellence in India.

Three tiers make up the Culinary Culture Ultimate Restaurant Rating system:

  • Three Stars: Very Good
  • Four Stars: Excellent
  • Five Stars: The Ultimate

The ratings undergo a rigorous evaluation and updating procedure that is done once a year. A restaurant that was previously awarded stars could lose those stars the next year if its quality or consistency declines. In a similar vein, a restaurant might eventually receive a higher rating and an extra star.

On February 1, 2024, the first stars were unveiled. This honours the exceptional eateries that have raised the bar for Indian cuisine. The eateries that are part of this ranking system have also made a substantial contribution to the culinary landscape of the country.  The inaugural edition of Ultimate Restaurant Ratings included restaurants from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, and Goa as the six major food and beverage cities in India.

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Here Are The Star Restaurants

The recipients of the 3 Stars rating

  • Bengaluru: Bengaluru Oota Company, Central Tiffin Room, Kappa Chakka Kandhari, Karavalli
  • Chennai: Erode Amman Mess, Southern Spice, The Farm
  • Delhi NCR: Comorin, Dhilli, INJA, Loya, Megu, Olive Bar And Kitchen, Omo, Tres
  • Goa: Bawri, Bomras, Izumi, Jamun, Slow Tide, The Second House
  • Kolkata: Royal Indian Restaurant, Sienna Café, Sonar Tori, The Blue Poppy Thakali
  • Mumbai: Americano, Izumi, La Loca Maria, Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra, Mizu Izakaya, Noon, Shree Thaker Bhojanalay, Soam, Swati Snacks, The Bombay Canteen,  Trèsind, Wasabi by Morimoto

The recipients of the 4 Stars rating:

  • Bengaluru: Lupa, Naru Noodle Bar
  • Chennai: Kappa Chakka Kandhari
  • Delhi NCR: Bukhara, Dum Pukht, The China Kitchen
  • Goa: Cavatina, Hosa
  • Kolkata: 6 Ballygunge Palace, Avartana
  • Mumbai: Ekaa, Indian Accent, Masque, O Pedro

And the coveted 5 Stars ratings were presented to

  • Bengaluru: Farmlore
  • Chennai: Avartana
  • Delhi NCR: Indian Accent

So, have you dined in any of these restaurants?

Cover image credits: Instagram/Farmlore; Indian Accent

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