Indian Applicants Now Have To Take Skill Verification Tests For 19 Different Professions In Saudi

Saudi Arabia
by Anupriya Mishra

Saudi Arabia has recently been making a few changes to its visa, and rules and regulations related to the same. Recently, it was announced that they have made it mandatory to undergo the skill verification exam. Yes, called the Skill Verification Program, this means Indians who are seeking employment in Saudi Arabia will now have to undergo this test. Here is more about this.

Skill Verification Program Mandatory For Indians


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As mentioned above, Saudi Arabia has made the Skill Verification Program compulsory for certain roles. According to a news report by Khaleej Times, Indians who are seeking employment in Saudi Arabia will now have to appear and pass this verification exam. It’s worth noting that this news was first reported by the Economic Times, where it was also stated that this exam might be extended to other categories. At this point, it should be mentioned that the skill verification exams have to be given for 19 professions. In case you are wondering, this includes plumbers, electrical panel assemblers, underwater welders, flame cutters, electrical transformer assemblers, pipe fitters, automotive electricians, welders, building electricians, and drilling ring electricians, to name some.

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This Is Not The Only Change In Visa Rules In Saudi, Recently

saudi visa

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It should be noted that the skill verification program was introduced in the kingdom back in 2021 and it requires people to give both written and practical tests. As such, the people who are already working or planning to get a job have to appear for this test. Not to mention, all the recruiting agencies have already been informed about this test by the embassy of the kingdom in India. This update comes after recently, visit visa rules were relaxed in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the kingdom earlier in March also allowed all Gulf Cooperation Council residents to apply for a visit visa. It should be mentioned that before this, people practising certain professions were the only ones who were allowed to apply for this visa.

So, on a concluding note, it must be noted that this move has been made with the aim of improving the quality of professional work.

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