Indian Brand Set to Launch New E-Scooter Line in Dubai While Some Residential Complexes Ban It

by Deeplata Garde
Indian Brand Set to Launch New E-Scooter Line in Dubai While Some Residential Complexes Ban It

Dubai has recently witnessed a surge in the popularity of electric scooters. These zippy, eco-friendly vehicles have swiftly become the new favourite for both residents and tourists. Hence, to meet the ever-growing demand, a new brand of Electric scooters will be launched at the end week of August.

A New Line Of Electric Scooters To Be Unveiled In Dubai

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TVS, a prominent Indian two-wheeler manufacturer, is gearing up to introduce a novel electric scooter in Dubai on August 23, 2023. This innovative scooter, dubbed Creon, draws inspiration from the concept prototype initially unveiled at the Auto Expo in India back in 2018. Creon promises to epitomize a forward-looking and environmentally conscious scooter, designed to provide riders with a seamless and luxurious journey.

Notably, this cutting-edge scooter boasts the remarkable ability to recharge fully within a mere hour. Its impressive features extend to an estimated travel range of 80 kilometres and a noteworthy top speed of 120 kilometres per hour. The momentous launch event is scheduled to take place at the esteemed Dubai World Trade Centre.

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Many Residential Buildings Are Putting A Ban On This Vehicles

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Residents have embraced electric scooters as a last-mile solution. It has effortlessly bridged the gap between public transportation and their doorstep. However, as the electric scooter craze sweeps across Dubai, it has also sparked debates and concerns.  They are particularly within residential communities. The convenience of electric scooters has, at times, been accompanied by reckless riding behaviours. This has led to safety hazards for both riders and pedestrians. In response, some residential buildings have taken the decision to ban electric scooters within their premises to mitigate these risks.

Noise pollution is another factor that has fueled the ban in certain residential areas. While electric scooters are inherently quieter than traditional vehicles, the collective hum of multiple scooters traversing narrow residential streets can become a disturbance for those seeking tranquillity.

Local authorities have been working to strike a balance between the benefits and challenges presented by electric scooters. Regulations are being developed to address safety concerns, enforce speed limits, and promote responsible riding behaviour. Additionally, efforts are being made to designate specific lanes or areas for electric scooter use, allowing riders to coexist harmoniously with pedestrians and other vehicles.

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