Indian Cuisine Ranks First As Urban India’s Favourite Cuisine; Check Out The List Of Top 10

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by Vaishalee Kalvankar

East or West, Indian cuisine is surely the best! Well, this is not only us saying so; it’s what urban Indian respondents said. Urban Indians were questioned by YouGov India on October 16 in honour of World Food Day to learn about their favourite cuisines and food brands. Indian cuisine is ranked as urban India’s favourite cuisine. Here is the list of the top 10 for you! 

Indian Cuisine Ranks First As Urban India’s Favourite Cuisine

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According to the survey’s findings, Indian cuisine is the most popular among urban Indians, with 80% of respondents naming it as their favorite. Less than three in ten people chose Chinese (28%) and Italian (25%) as their preferred cuisines, leaving a big gap between the next two favourites. 

Italian and Chinese food are both much more popular with women than with men (31% women against 24% men and 29% versus 21%). It’s also fascinating to see that women prefer Korean food (9% vs. 4%), while males prefer Japanese food more (10% vs. 6%). 

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Indian food is popular among all generations, but Gen Zers are less likely than other generations to prefer it (76% vs. 83% for millennials and 82% for Gen X). However, the youngest adults (at 23%) have a significant affinity for American cuisine.

Delhi comes out on top when it comes to how well-known a city’s cuisine is (at 34%), followed by Mumbai (28%) and Hyderabad (21%). 

Preferred QSR Brands

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In addition, YouGov polled urban Indians to rank their preferred QSR and DTC brands among the major names they are familiar with in each category. 

McDonald’s and Domino’s are the most well-known QSR/fast food franchises, with almost half (46%) of respondents naming them as their favourite brands. 

McDonald’s and Domino’s are the most well-known QSR/fast food franchises, with almost half (46%) of respondents naming them as their favourite brands. Burger King comes in fourth (24%), followed by Pizza Hut (27%) and KFC (42%). Surprisingly, GenX respondents (at 51%) identify with McDonald’s more than their younger fellows. 

The data also reveals some intriguing regional variations. North Indians are more likely to prefer Domino’s (52%) than South or East Indians (59%) or KFC (53%), respectively.

Tea/Coffee Cafe

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Starbucks is the most well-liked among the coffee houses and tea rooms (at 50%). Costa Coffee comes in third (14%), ahead of Barista in second place (20%). 

The placing of MBA Chai Wala in fourth place (14%) is intriguing. Despite being a newcomer to the market, the brand has been successful in capturing the attention of consumers, particularly men and the younger generation. 

The top five are completed by Chai Sutta Bar (13%). GenX appears to prefer coffee franchises like Barista and Costa Coffee, while GenZ appears to prefer tea shops such as MBA Chai Wala and Chai Sutta Bar (21% each).

D2C Brands

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Happilo (26%), ID Fresh Food (15%), Eat Better Co. (11%) and Snackible (9%), In that order, follow Paper Boat. Interesting disparities between the generations are shown by an age-wise examination. T

The younger members of Gen Z have an increased predisposition toward modern healthy snack businesses like Eat Better Co. and Snackible, suggesting that they are more health-conscious. The older members of Gen X, on the other hand, favor companies like Happilo and Paper Boat.

D2C Fish & Meat Brands

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The most well-known D2C meat and fish brands are Licious (at 39%), Fresh2Home (30%), and Venky’s (25%), in that order. Tender Cuts (12%) and Nothing But Chicken (16%) are in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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