Indian Government Says That Thanks To GST, It Is Now Cheap To Eat In Restaurants

by Shreya Ghosh
Indian Government Says That Thanks To GST, It Is Now Cheap To Eat In Restaurants

Who doesn’t love to visit a restaurant and gorge on their favourite dishes? From enjoying starters to main courses to desserts, relishing yummy food is always a good idea. And with the weekend approaching very soon, most foodies have already planned which places to explore in the city in these two days. But if you are wondering if exploring restaurants is going to shell out a lot of money because of the GST, then you are actually wrong. The Indian government recently claimed that eating at restaurants now is cheaper than what we spent previously. Here’s the reason behind this.

Here’s How GST Is Helping To Reduce Your Restaurant Bill:

A Twitter user named Naren Mukherjee who goes by the username @NMukherjee6 shared a photo that shows the difference in a restaurant bill comparing taxes on a bill of ₹1,000 before and after the Goods and Services Tax. The Indian government has shared this comparison in the most recent New India Samachar edition. Take a look at the tweet here:

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In the most recent newsletter, the Press Information Bureau of India shared how restaurant bills are cheaper now in comparison to the times without paying GST. This tax is actually helping us to save some money while paying bills in restaurants. In the tweet, it can be seen that a person is now able to save about ₹150 for a bill of ₹1,000. The calculations of taxes before and after GST shown here are quite surprising.  Without GST, the bill was ₹1,303.5 but now the bill with GST is ₹1,155. All the credit goes to GST as we are saving almost ₹150.

What is The Goods And Services Tax On Restaurant Bills Now?

At the moment, there is a 5% Goods And Services Tax on all restaurants. This tax is divided into 2.5% CGST and 2.5% SGST.

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If you love to visit restaurants quite often, you can surely note a difference in the bills when compared to the previous times and now. What are your opinions on this newsletter? Are you now paying lesser than before? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay