Indian-Origin Singaporean Man Goes Missing At Mount Everest; Family Appeals For Help

by Mallika Khurana
Indian-Origin Singaporean Man Goes Missing At Mount Everest; Family Appeals For Help

Climbing Mount Everest is a dream for most people, but there are very few who actually make it. Recently, one such man from Singapore climbed the magnificent peak but went missing soon after. The family of an Indian-born Singaporean climber has reported this incident. Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya started his journey to Nepal last month to climb the highest peak in the world. After suspicions of his disappearance rose, his family filed a petition on

Shrinivas Dattatraya Went Missing After Reaching Mount Everest Summit

Mount Everest
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In the petition, his cousin Divya Bharath explained the circumstances that might have led to this mishap. She explained that Shrinivas appeared to have experienced altitude sickness and frostbite while travelling down. Dattatraya probably got separated from the rest of his group due to his sickness. The family suspects he might have fallen on the Tibetan side of the mountain.

According to a Singaporean news outlet, Bharath revealed that a Sherpa search team started looking for Dattatraya on Saturday morning. She stated in the petition that the family had contacted the governments of the respective countries to help them.

In a conversation with Channel News Asia, Bharath stated that they want the authorities to immediately work on this issue. She even pointed out the requirement of a special rescue team with equipment and training to carry out the task in such grave surroundings. Despite being grief-stricken, the family is determined to not lose hope and keep working at finding him.

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He Last Contacted His Family On May 19

Mt. Everest
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Shrinivas is a 39-year-old executive director at a real estate firm in Singapore. He departed for Mount Everest on April 1. His scheduled date of arrival back home was June 4. However, it has been 2 days since his family last talked to him. According to The Straits Times, Dattatraya last texted his wife on Friday at 3:30 pm, informing her that he had reached the summit of Everest but would probably not be able to descend.

His wife, Sushma Soma, revealed to The Straits Times that he told her that he had reached the summit over the satellite phone he was using. But then came the bad news. He claimed he wouldn’t be able to descend. She continued by saying that Shrinivas had informed her that he had high-altitude cerebral edema, a serious condition that could be fatal.

Since Friday evening, the Singapore High Commission in New Delhi has maintained regular contact with Shrinivas’ family, the Nepal government, and emergency medical services.

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