Indian Railways Fines 22 Passengers In Agra Division For Littering With Food Packets; Collects ₹2,400

Indian Railways fined more than 300 passengers during a recent inspection.

by Shreya Ghosh
Indian Railways Fines 22 Passengers In Agra Division For Littering With Food Packets; Collects ₹2,400

Indian Railways and different departments work together for smooth rail transportation facilities, maintaining stations, and managing several services together. Though these departments are primarily responsible for focusing on everything happening at stations, it is our responsibility to be careful while travelling and obey the rules. Recently, Indian Railways fined many passengers for violating the rules.

Indian Railways Imposed Fine On Over 300 Passengers

Indian Railways
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If you have travelled by train, you must have seen many passengers littering trains and train stations with packets of food items. These incidents happen every other day on both local and express trains. Many people simply eat chips, biscuits, fruits and other food items and throw away their packaging and wrappers without caring about cleanliness.

When it comes to malls, airports, and their own houses, people avoid littering. Seeing a surge in these incidents and how people are not abiding by necessary guidelines, Indian Railways took a significant step to control these incidents. According to a report by News18, Indian Railways has started a drive that emphasises strict action to keep trains and stations free from litter.

The campaign is currently ongoing in several stations in the Agra Division. Recently, an inspection conducted at several stations concluded with Indian Railways imposing a fine on hundreds of passengers. Violators had to pay the specified amounts for littering railway stations.

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The Officials Fined…

Indian Railways
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The overall collected fine during the inspection was ₹2,43,750. It included ₹1,23,075 from 304 passengers. Among 304, 22 people had to pay ₹2,400 for throwing away packets and dirtying places. One person was charged 10 times the cost of the food items. A hefty amount of ₹1,02,945 was taken as a fine from 243 passengers for travelling without tickets.

The authorities warned everyone about travelling ticketless. They also alerted passengers to stop taking extra luggage without official permission.

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There is no need for the Indian Railways to impose a fine if we obey rules and guidelines. These regulations have been made to keep stations and trains hygienic and offer better experiences to passengers. We must do our bit and travel without causing problems to others.

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