Indian Railways Has New Weight Limit For Your Luggage While Travelling In Trains

by Shreya Ghosh
Indian Railways Has New Weight Limit For Your Luggage While Travelling In Trains

Traveling long distances by train is often a preferred idea for most of the travellers. Many people choose trains over flights for so many reasons. The primary cause for visiting a place by travelling on a train is the ticket prices. Not just an affordable mode of communication in comparison to flights, trains also have made journeys easier by letting passengers carry a lot of weight. Unfortunately, passengers cannot carry so many bags and a humongous weight on trains anymore. Indian Railways Has released new rules and read on to know all about it.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The New Regulations Of Indian Railways

Indian Railways
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A huge number of people travel on trains every single day in India. Gone are those when passengers could carry a lot of weight while covering long distances on trains. Now, Indian Railways have specified the limit of weight that one can carry. There are different luggage weight limits for passengers travelling in different coaches of trains.

Someone with a ticket for a sleep coach can carry luggage up to 40 kg, according to a report by Informal Newz. The allowance for passengers travelling in AC two tier is 50 KG. People with tickets to AC first class get the most weight allowance as they can carry up to 70 KG while travelling. You can plan your trip and book tickets accordingly now that you know all about the luggage limit in different coaches of a train.

Previously, passengers carried a huge amount of weight and so many bags while visiting somewhere on trains. But all these are changing after the announcement of this new rule by Indian Railways. This new guideline is quite similar to flights where all the airlines specify a definite weight limit for different passengers travelling in different classes of a plane.

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Get Ready To Pay An Additional Charge If You Do Not Follow The Rules!

Indian Railways
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Indian Railways is not just limiting the amount of luggage passengers can carry but there are also consequences if someone does not follow the rules. If someone does not follow the luggage allowance limit, then that traveller may need to pay a fine. According to the report by Informal Newz, the Indian Railways might take a fine from people who do not follow the guidelines.

Passengers may need to pay a fine of ₹654 if someone catches them carrying more than the specified limit. The charge might decrease to some extent if the total distance of the train journey is less. If any passenger travelling within 500 km and carrying a total luggage weighing above 40 kg, then he/she may need to pay a fine of ₹109 for not following the new rule regarding the luggage weight.

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This is an important decision taken by the Indian Railways. Lakhs of passengers board trains every single day in our country and this article is going to be beneficial for everyone. Share this with everyone and let them know about this significant decision by the Indian Railways.

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