Indian Women Feel Goan Beaches Are Unsafe At Night

by Kritika Kukreja
Indian Women Feel Goan Beaches Are Unsafe At Night

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According to Indian women tourists, Goa beaches are unsafe at night, but foreign tourists don’t have any concern as such.

What Is It?

Goa is one of the top tourism sights in the country. It gets nearly 7 million tourists Indian tourists a year and half a million foreign tourists. When it comes to women, safety is definitely a concern. While Indian women tourists feel Goa beaches are unsafe at night, but this hasn’t been an issue for the foreign ladies.

The safety issues started rising after 15-year-old British teenager Scarlett Keeling was murdered at Anjuna beach. After more investigating, it was found out that nearly 250 foreign tourists have been found dead in Goa over the last 20 years.

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What Are We Doing About Safety?

Goa tourism will be installing an all-woman police force patrolling the beaches at night so that women feel safer. This police force will instil confidence among women on the beach at night and make them feel safer. Basically, making the city safe will make tourists feel safe as well. Overall, the Goa tourism board want to make the experience better for all – Indian and foreign tourists.

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