Indians, Do You Have Your Full Name On Passport? If Not Then, UAE Won’t Let You In!

by Deeplata Garde
Indians, Do You Have Your Full Name On Passport? If Not Then, UAE Won’t Let You In!

Are you a frequent flyer to UAE from India or vice versa? If you said yes then you should definitely read ahead. Air India Express has announced some strict rules that were delivered by UAE Immigration for Indians. The rule stated that if any Indian citizen has an incomplete name printed on their passport then he/she will be exempted from entering the country. Check deets!

Get Ready To Be Excluded From The Immigration Line If You Have Incomplete Name On Passport

Name on the passport
Pic Creds: IndiGo/Twitter

Are you among the ones who have only their First name or just their surname is written on your passport? Then you got to make some changes asap! Because the UAE immigration department has announced a new word for such people. They will start categorizing such cases under ‘INAD’ i.e. Inadmissible passenger.

Chances are relatively high for you to not receive your visa to enter UAE. If you have previously been issued a visa, still you would fall under the INAD category. The new guideline will supposedly come into effect starting 21st November.

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How To Avoid This Crisis?

There are exemptions for certain people who can enter the region despite the single name. The ones who are visiting UAE on residence or work visas can enter the country without any issues. But at the same time, the one trying to get in on a tourist or visit visa won’t be allowed.

Although you can always go to the passport office and get the corrections done, like adding the remaining name, be it surname or the first name.

So if you plan to visit UAE, you got to have both names on your passport as this circular has been passed on by every flight flying on the India-UAE route.

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