Indians Have Been Tagging The Wrong Tom Holland On Twitter; Historian & Author Says India Is On His Feed

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indians Have Been Tagging The Wrong Tom Holland On Twitter; Historian & Author Says India Is On His Feed

Tom Holland and Zendaya have been painting the town and our social feeds red with their appearance at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre launch in Mumbai. Ever since the actor-couple first arrived in Mumbai, desis have been going gaga over spotting Spiderman and Mary Jane, themselves in India. But one person isn’t too happy with the pictures circulating on Twitter and that’s Tom Holland. Confused? Well, Indians have actually been tagging the wrong Tom Holland on Twitter, and the historian and author, has had enough of it. Here’s what he has to say.

Wrong Tom Holland Tagged On NMACC Pics

Tom Holland, a historian and author, took to Twitter to say that it seems like the whole of India is on his timeline. The hilarious reason for this is a mistaken case of identity. Indians are tagging him in pictures of actor Tom Holland during his visit to Mumbai with Zendaya. On the pictures featuring the actors in the launch of NMACC, @holland_tom is mistakenly tagged. The result? His timeline is actually clogged with pictures of Mumbai, Spiderman, Zendaya and the NMACC launch gathering.

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The Author & Historian’s Feed Filled With India Pics

On yet another picture he was mistakenly tagged, the historian just tweeted, “Please Make It Stop”. And we empathise. Desis instantly took to his comments section to clear the confusion and even add salt to his wounds. @shravansampath pacified him by commenting that it’s not a bad place to be in. @Subby_SAB dishes out the hard truth that it’s too late to stop. @chanda_sitara tells him to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame.

And it’s not just Indian Netizens tagging the wrong Tom Holland, even Tarek Fatah, the columnist of The Toronto Sun is guilty of the same goof-up. The columnist tagged the actor Tom Holland on Twitter in 2019 in place of the author and historian. Now this whole situation reminds us of 2 apt memes. The first one is the spidermen pointing fingers at each other. And the other is Akshay Kumar from Ajnabee indicating “a swap situation”.

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Are you guilty too of tagging the wrong Tom Holland? We certainly hope the author and historian gets a break from this bizarreness.

Cover Image Courtesy: @TeamSRKWarriors and @holland_tom/ Twitter