Indians Travelling To China, Keep These Things In Mind Amid The ‘Mysterious’ Pneumonia Outbreak

China is witnessing a surge in pneumonia cases. If you are travelling to China, keep these things in mind.

by Shreya Rathod
Indians Travelling To China, Keep These Things In Mind Amid The ‘Mysterious’ Pneumonia Outbreak

After COVID-19, China is swept with another epidemic and this time it is pneumonia. The country has witnessed a spike in respiratory illness and has caused a surge in hospitalisations. Looking at this, there is a speculated travel ban to China. However, if you are travelling to China, here are things you need to keep in mind.

Pneumonia Outbreak In China

Even though the respiratory disease is still spreading, numerous nations, including Taiwan, have advised their citizens to stay away from China, raising the possibility of a travel restriction. Amidst mounting concerns of a new pandemic, the pneumonia outbreak has prompted US health authorities to look into the infection.

Children in Beijing’s hospitals are filled with IVs after exhibiting peculiar symptoms including high fever and inflammation of the lungs. In an effort to stop the spread, doctors claim they have been working extra hours and that schools have also been evacuated. Taiwan’s health ministry has been urged to advise individuals with low immunity and those at high risk of infection to stay away from China due to the rapidly increasing number of cases.

The message also advised people to receive COVID and flu shots prior to visiting China, if travel is required. Since spring, bacteria such as mycoplasma pneumonia have been circulating, causing the sickness. In lung scans, children with this illness show ground glass opacity, also known as white lung syndrome, which is an indication of a serious respiratory illness.

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The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that they are in contact with Chinese health authorities and their country office in response to the sharp increase in cases.

Things To Keep In Mind For Indian Travellers

indians travelling to china pneumonia outbreak
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If you are travelling to China amid the pneumonia outbreak, you need to keep these things in mind:

1. Before leaving India, visit a doctor and get a proper vaccination.

2. Take note of the situation of the outbreak and what the authorities are advising.

3. Wear a mask, gloves, and other protective gear which will help avoid interaction with others.

4. Avoid direct contact with those who have severe respiratory infections.

5. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water after being in direct contact with affected people.

6. When experiencing symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, travellers should cough and sneeze in a cough-etiquette-adjusted distance, cover up with tissues or garments, and wash their hands.

7. Keep in contact with the Indian Embassy in case something serious takes place.

Indian States Are Taking Precautions:

1. In Tamil Nadu, the public health department is investigating fever cases among children. In fact, fever camps will be held every week to detect the symptoms.

2. In Gujarat, the health minister stated that they are ready for any kind of medical emergency.

3. State health minister for Karnataka stated that there was no reason for concern regarding the ailment, but emphasised that the state’s facilities were equipped to handle any emergency.

4. Following an increase in respiratory disease cases in northern China, the medical and health department in Rajasthan has encouraged its personnel to stay vigilant and establish rapid response teams.

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So, if you are travelling to China, be sure to take note of these precautions.

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