India’s 6th Largest City, Chennai Is Almost Out Of Water

by Madhusree Chatragadda
India’s 6th Largest City, Chennai Is Almost Out Of Water

All those Dystopian novels and movies you dismissed as just good old make believe? Well, you might want to rethink as India’s 6th largest city, Chennai is out of our most basic need – water. And no it’s no publicity stunt or “make-believe”, global warming is no myth as Trump would have you believe. Untimely snow in Kashmir, shorter winters, harsher and longer summers, water levels rising, animal species at the brink of extinction, the future is in peril. And a whole city running out of water is definitely more than a cause for concern.

Credits: The News Minute

Water Crises
Only 25 km away from Chennai, the Chembarambakkam reservoir which was a primary source of water here, now lies arid, devoid of any life. People numbering in the millions have no access to any water. It is a water crisis of a high magnitude levied in and around Chennai. The government is at a loss as well due to insufficient rains and lack of groundwater as well.

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The Only Solution 
Currently, water is being transported in trucks to Chennai and neighbouring regions leaving the locals and residents no option but to stand in long lines in the scorching and unforgiving heat with hoards of empty containers to be filled. But even this supply has time constraints upon it sky high demands.

Credits: The Indian Express

“Earlier the water would come every day at home. Now, we get it every three to four days. We store the water in a small tank or 20-liter plastic pots at home,” said a resident in an interview with Koam New Now, who lived in Chennai’s southern region.

What Else?
If our water management techniques are not changed and we do not harvest our groundwater more sustainably, then soon even the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc will run dry shortly. What rural India is facing now could be a reality for ALL of India soon, rural AND urban alike. It’s high time we stood up and did something about climate change and global warming before it’s too late. Use the water you have sparingly people, it is as precious as it can get.