India’s Biggest Pet Festival In Mumbai On 19th-20th Jan

by Kritika Kukreja
India’s Biggest Pet Festival In Mumbai On 19th-20th Jan

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Pet Fed – India’s Biggest Pet Festival is back for its 2nd edition in Mumbai’s MMRDA grounds (BKC) on 19th and 20th January, 2019. 

What Is It?

Throughout the year, hustling between our jobs and personal life, we forget that we bought home a furry one who not only needs but also deserves our time and attention after the daily dose of drooly kisses they give us when we return home. Pet Fed is back with its 2nd edition at MMRDA grounds, BKC on 19th and 20th January so bring your furry friend here for a weekend full of 3000+ pets and all kinds of activities planned for dogs, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs!

Pet Fed - Mumbai
Pet Fed – Mumbai

What To Expect?

The activity ring this year is lined with displays like the Security Dog Show, Good Dog Citizen Program and an Obedience Display! And if your pet has some cool tricks up their sleeves, enroll them for the Pet’s Got Talent, happening for the first time in India and show off how well they can jump through a loop, play dead on command or any such cool trick. Your pet can even try their paw at the Fashion Show and Temptation Alley. Cash prizes are in store for these activities, apart from the whole act being in front of a live audience of 25,000+ pet lovers. 

Pet Fed - Mumbai
Pet Fed – Mumbai

Adoption Camps

Pet lovers, do not miss the adoption camps, if you’ve been wanting to get home a bundle of joy but haven’t found your furry partner yet, this is where you need to be to ‘tie-the-knot’. With dogs and just more dogs till where your eyes can see, Pet Fed is the place for your yearly dose of Puppy Therapy! And if you’re more into being mastered than being the master yourself, then the Cat Zone is where you should be.

Food & Drinks

With 100+ stalls, food & drinks from multiple brands, and a separate VIP Lounge, there is something for everyone at this pet festival. Pet Fed is a heaven on earth for pets and pet lovers, join in with or without your furry friend!


What: Pet Fed – India’s Biggest Pet Festival
When: 19th and 20th January
Where: MMRDA Grounds, BKC
Tickets: ₹349 onwards
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