India’s Dhordo Among The World’s 54 Best Tourism Villages In 2023; Check The Global List Here

by Shreya Ghosh
India’s Dhordo Among The World’s 54 Best Tourism Villages In 2023; Check The Global List Here

India is home to extraordinary natural beauty. From alluring beaches to serene mountains to vibrant deserts, travel enthusiasts have infinite options of destinations to choose to explore here. One of the rural villages of the nation has recently stamped its name on a global stage and we are proud to share all the news about the recognition. Dhordo village is now one of the best tourism villages in the entire world.

The World Tourism Organisation Announced The Best Tourism Villages 2023 & Dhordo Is One Of Them

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared some pictures of his visits at the Dhordo village. The pictures are from 2009 and 2015.

Taking to social media, PM Modi shared how he is thrilled that the village is ‘being celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty’. He also asked Netizens to share their memories of their trips to the Dhordo village.

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Recently, the World Tourism Organisation made the announcement of this year’s ‘Best Tourism Villages’ during the UNWTO General Assembly in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The list comprises 54 rural destinations from different countries and India’s Dhordo is one of them. In fact, it is the only village in India that achieved this spectacular feat this year.

How Are The Villages Selected For The Recognition?

There are several criteria that are focused on while looking at the global villages and adding them to this esteemed list. To recognise the villages, some of the important points to evaluate are:

  • Promotion and Conservation of Cultural Resources
  • Health, Safety, and Security
  • Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability
  • Governance and Prioritization of Tourism
  • Cultural and Natural Resources
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Tourism Development and Value Chain Integration

This is the third edition of this recognition. This year, around 260 applications were submitted and the organisation selected only 54 of them, according to the press release. Also, they chose 20 additional rural places to participate in the Upgrade Programme. India’s Madla is one of the 20 villages in the Upgrade Programme. All these 74 villages from different countries are part of the UNWTO Best Tourism Villages Network.

Let’s Take A Look At All The Villages In These Two Categories

Here’s The List of Best Tourism Villages Announced By UNWTO 2023: (The names are in alphabetic order):

  • Al Sela, Jordan
  • Barrancas, Chile
  • Biei, Japan
  • Caleta Tortel, Chile
  • Cantavieja, Spain
  • Chacas, Peru
  • Chavín de Huantar, Peru
  • Dahshour, Egypt
  • Dhordo, India
  • Dongbaek, Republic of Korea
  • Douma, Lebanon
  • Ericeira, Portugal
  • Filandia, Colombia
  • Hakuba, Japan
  • Higueras, Mexico
  • Huangling, China
  • Jalpa de Cánovas, Mexico
  • Kandovan, Iran
  • La Carolina, Argentina
  • Lephis Village, Ethiopia
  • Lerici, Italy
  • Manteigas, Portugal
  • Morcote, Switzerland
  • Mosan, Republic of Korea
  • Oku-Matsushima, Japan
  • Omitlán de Juárez, Mexico
  • Oñati, Spain
  • Ordino, Andorra
  • Oyacachi, Ecuador
  • Paucartambo, Peru
  • Penglipuran, Indonesia
  • Pisco Elqui, Chile
  • Pozuzo, Peru
  • Saint-Ursanne, Switzerland
  • Saty, Kazakhstan
  • Schladming, Austria
  • Sehwa, Republic of Korea
  • Sentob, Uzbekistan
  • Shirakawa, Japan
  • Sigüenza, Spain
  • Şirince, Türkiye
  • Siwa, Egypt
  • Slunj, Croatia
  • Sortelha, Portugal
  • St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria
  • Tân Hoá, Viet Nam
  • Taquile, Peru
  • Tokaj, Hungary
  • Văleni, Moldova
  • Vila da Madalena, Portugal
  • Xiajiang, China
  • Zapatoca, Colombia
  • Zhagana, China
  • Zhujiawan, China

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Here’s The List Of Villages In The Upgrade Programme:

  • Asuka, Japan
  • Baños de Montemayor, Spain
  • Bilebante, Indonesia
  • Ciocănești, Romania
  • Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy
  • El Cisne, Ecuador
  • Iza, Colombia
  • Kale Üçağız, Türkiye
  • Kemaliye, Türkiye
  • Kfar Masaryk, Israel
  • Madla, India
  • Ounagha, Morocco
  • Pela, Indonesia
  • Puerto Octay, Chile
  • Sabbioneta, Italy
  • Saint Catherine, Egypt
  • Sarhua, Peru
  • Taro, Indonesia
  • Vila de Frades, Portugal
  • Yanque, Peru

The submission for more villages from different corners of the world is set to begin in the initial few months of 2024. This brings a glorious chance for more villages to represent themselves on a humongous global level.

Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani visited the largest salt desert in India to attend the iconic Rann Utsav this year. To take a look at her wonderful experiences and learn about the grand and popular event, watch this video.

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