India’s First Fly-In Resort Lets You Reach The Destination In A Charter Plane

by Sanjana Shenoy
India’s First Fly-In Resort Lets You Reach The Destination In A Charter Plane

How’d you like to have an adventurous vacation? No, we aren’t talking about a holiday filled with adventure activities. We’re referring to India’s First Fly-In Resort, Aero Village In Panheli. This resort sends you a charter plane that will pick you up from Juhu Airport and ferry you to Aero Village in Panheli. Enjoy a 30-minute charter plane ride, where the journey is as breathtaking as the destination. Here’s your guide to Aero Village.

Fly To Aero Village In Panheli In Charter Plane

Aero Village- India’s First Fly-In Resort, offers you the luxury to fly in a charter plane across the Sahyadri ranges. This luxurious resort sends you a charter plane to pick you up from Juhu Airport and take you on an aero joy ride at an elevation of 1200 feet above sea level. A 20-45 minute short flight from Goa, Pune and Mumbai, Aero Village offers curated nature experiences, starry nights, a plush resort stay, exquisite food and more.

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Choose From An Array Of Plush Rooms

If the flight experience to Aero Village gets you excited, then wait till you know about the gorgeous rooms. Choose from an array of rooms offering panoramic views. Fort View Stays lends views of the majestic Raigad Fort. Nature Lovers, can choose Hideaway In Nature, a treehouse-like stay with attached dip pools, with minimal impact on the environment. Paradise Pine Escapes is a glamping escapade that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. For those who want to just lounge around by the pool, and enjoy a relaxing staycation, book a Poolside Room.

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Indulge In Lip-Smacking Fare At The Hangar

Aero Village features thrilling experiences like golf nature trails, joy rides and jungle safari, apart from the private charter plane ride of course. When it comes to the food, indulge in the lip-smacking fare of specially curated food at The Hangar, a multi-cuisine restaurant. The chefs at The Hangar shall take you on a gastronomical adventure across the local flavours of the region. Don’t forget to opt for a curated village experience.

Aero Village Panheli

Stay option at Aero Village, Panheli starts from ₹10,000 including meals. This is one of the best staycations in Maharashtra that comes with an adventurous and indulgent spin.