India’s First Water Metro To Be Launched In Kochi

by Kritika Kukreja
India’s First Water Metro To Be Launched In Kochi

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If you love riding the metro, you will be happy to hear that Kochi is launching India’s first water metro soon!

What Is It?

With the ‘Kochi Water Metro’, Kochi will be becoming India’s first city to launch a water metro line. The Kochi Water Metro is a ₹10,000 crore project that was envisioned in 2016 is supposed to connect Greater Kochi to inland water channels. The first phase of this metro system will launch by December 2019 and will consist of 23 ferries that will accommodate 100 people each. 


The 23 ferries will connect to 38 boat jetties that will branch out to 16 different routes. In the next phases, there will be 55 boats added with seating capacity of 50 each branching out into new routes. Kochi has a vast spread of waterways so the government decided to use that as a benefit and construct waterways of travel.

What Else?

Once the new phase rolls out, the boats and jetties will have top notch facilities like WiFi access, modern toilets and more. Kochi is also planning the jetties to be strictly solar powered in the future so that they can be an eco-friendly travel option for the public.