IndiGo Begins Flights From Ahmedabad To Jeddah & Abu Dhabi, So Plan Your Vacay Now!

by Anupriya Mishra
IndiGo Begins Flights From Ahmedabad To Jeddah & Abu Dhabi, So Plan Your Vacay Now!

Western India is home to a vibrant culture and rich historical past, making it a sought-after destination among tourists. If you have also been itching to explore the beautiful haveli, vibrant cities, and lip-smacking cuisine of Western Indian states like Gujarat, then you are in for some brilliant news. We say this because IndiGo, an airline based out of India has begun direct flights from the Indian state of Gujarat to Abu Dhabi and Jeddah.

IndiGo Begins Flights From Ahmedabad To Jeddah & Abu Dhabi

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It’s already a well-known fact that IndiGo has flights from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. And now, it has begun flights to the Gujarati city, from Abu Dhabi and Jeddah as well. Yes, the services on these routes began on August 11 as a part of the airline’s strategic enhancement of global connectivity according to a report by Simple Flying. In case you’re wondering, flight number 6E 075 will begin from Ahmedabad and fly to Abu Dhabi daily with the departure of being at 8 PM and arrival being 9:35 PM. Flight number 6E 076 will begin from Abu Dhabi at 10:35 PM and land in Ahmedabad at 3:10 AM. Flight 6E 91 will depart from Ahmedabad at 7:20 PM and land in Jeddah at 9:55 PM while 6E 92 will fly from Jeddah at 10:55 PM and land in Ahmedabad at 6:35 AM.

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The Airline Already Operates Flights To The Cities Of Kuwait & Dubai

Ahmedabad Airport
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As it happens, the carrier also operates daily flights from Ahmedabad to the cities of Kuwait and Dubai. In fact, IndiGo is expected to also start long-haul flights in the future. It should be noted that with this introduction, IndiGo now operates 49 flights a week to Abu Dhabi and 35 flights a week to Jeddah. In case you’re wondering, there are many places to see in Ahmedabad days that include the renowned Sabarmati Ashram, the Adalaj Stepwell, Auto World Vintage Car Museum, and Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, to name a select few notable landmarks worth checking out.

So, if you have also been planning to explore the rich, cultural heritage of the city, now is the time to start planning your destination.

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