IndiGo Flyer Attempts At Opening The Emergency Exit At Dabolim Airport, FIR Has Been Registered

by Shreya Ghosh
IndiGo Flyer Attempts At Opening The Emergency Exit At Dabolim Airport, FIR Has Been Registered

The endless incidents of unruly passengers keep continuing. In a recent IndiGo flight taking off from the Dabolim airport in Goa, a passenger allegedly tried to open the aircraft’s emergency exit. The incident has led to a huge issue after the flyer attempted to do something so serious on Thursday evening. The Chandigarh-bound flight was carrying 179 passengers and it turned out to be a chaotic atmosphere for everyone on the Goa-Chandigarh flight.

Here’s What Happened After The Flyer Attemped To Open The IndiGo Emergency Exit!

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Identified himself as Vishal Shandil, he is the passenger responsible for this incident at the IndiGo aircraft. A police officer shared that the flyer was on the IndiGo flight 6E-724 and he attempted to open the exit before the flight took off from the Goa International Airport, according to a report by Indian Express. As stated in the filed complaint against the 28-year-old passenger, he allegedly pulled the overwing cover flap and control handle of the door and tampered with the wing cover as well.

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Such a scary tampering incident with the aircraft can be a major cause for a scary situation. After he pulled the cover flap, the aircraft was cancelled. The flight could have been the reason for something horrific and unsafe for everyone onboard. There were already 179 passengers inside and they were later taken to a different flight to reach their destination. The airline also provided the passengers with the option of taking a refund back.

The Airline Has Filed A Complaint Against Vishal Shandil

The officials of the IndiGo airline have already lodged a complaint against the flyer for trying to tamper and open the emergency exit of the aircraft. They have filed an FIR under the IPC section 336. Vishal attempting to open the exit could endanger the safety of everyone inside the aircraft on that day.

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What do you have to say about such an unnecessary and negligent situation created by the passenger on the flight? There have been so many similar instances in recent times where many flyers attempt at doing things that end up creating problems for everyone on that flight, both passengers and crew members.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons