Delhi-Bound Indigo Flight Delayed, Leaving Passengers Stranded For 8 Hours

by Mallika Khurana
Delhi-Bound Indigo Flight Delayed, Leaving Passengers Stranded For 8 Hours

We have been hearing about many commercial flight delays, causing inconvenience to numerous passengers. To add to the list of delays, another Indigo flight was delayed on Thursday. This flight was supposed to take off from Mumbai to Delhi but was delayed for more than five hours.

An Indigo Flight Took Off After An 8-Hour DelayIndigo flight

Indigo flight 6E2518 was bound for Delhi; however, bad weather conditions and the arrival of another aircraft led to an unfortunate delay in departure. This delay was made even worse due to clearances required by the authorities as well as arrangements for a new team of crew members to assist on the flight. As per the airline, all passengers were served some food while they waited for their flight to be ready to fly.

The flight that was scheduled to depart at 8:10 pm ultimately took off at 4 am the next day. This delay caused obvious restlessness among passengers. Throughout the night, the departure time was changed quite a few times, inducing anger in a lot of passengers.

In an official statement, Indigo declared that Flight 6E2518 from Mumbai to Delhi was postponed due to poor weather conditions. The weather delayed the arrival of another aircraft, subsequently stalling this Delhi bound flight. Further hindrances were caused by the clearance process and crew arrangements required for the flight, as per the airline guidelines. The airline also expressed its regret for all the inconveniences caused to the passengers.

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The Passengers Were Left Irritated Due To The Inconvenience 

Indigo flight
Photo Credits: Canva

After constant changes in the departure time of the flight, a lot of passengers demanded a refund on their tickets. Some people also demanded to talk to the captain or someone from the authorities. They also questioned the lack of a pilot on standby to better cope with such emergencies.

The passengers stated that they did not receive any substantial information from Indigo, regarding the delay or operations. They were simply made to sit and wait while the departure time kept changing. This 8-hour delay was a long time to wait for a flight, and it was certainly an unpleasant experience for the stranded passengers.

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