Indulge In A Unique Dish, ‘Dubai Frame Kebabs’ Without Breaking The Bank At Nellara Restaurant, UAE

by Deeplata Garde
Indulge In A Unique Dish, ‘Dubai Frame Kebabs’ Without Breaking The Bank At Nellara Restaurant, UAE

For a taste of Kerala right in the heart of Dubai, Nellara restaurant is the place to go for South Indian food. Situated in Al Qusais Industrial Area 2, it offers an array of dishes reflecting the traditional and modern Kerala styles.

Discovering the Taste of South Indian Food At Nellara, Dubai

Nellara, a famed restaurant in the United Arab Emirates, offers a delightful experience by presenting authentic South Indian cuisine to its guests. As one steps into Nellara, a distinct South Indian vibe fills the air. The décor, infused with vibrant hues and evocative scents, sets the stage for an enticing culinary journey.

Visited The Dubai Frame? Now You Can Eat From It!

Nellara’s menu is an anthology of South Indian gastronomy. From the crispy dosas to the fragrant biryanis, every dish resonates with traditional South Indian flavours, meticulously prepared to provide an authentic taste experience. But there’s a unique dish that caught our attention recently. The Dubai Frame Kebabs are an amazing addition to the menu. The waiter brings the kebab suspended in the air through the frame which replicates Dubai’s famous tourist location, the Dubai Frame!

In 2019, they introduced a remarkable creation known as the “Nellara Frame.” This innovative dish features marinated and grilled chicken, elegantly presented on a plate and adorned with an intricate rectangular frame. Experience chicken in a whole new way. Chicken that’s been crafted with love and presented in a unique frame.

However, beyond the usual suspects, Nellara surprises its guests with a wide array of lesser-known regional delicacies. Seafood specialities, fiery curries, and an extensive range of vegetarian options enrich the dining experience, showcasing the depth and diversity of South Indian culinary traditions.

By embracing the myriad flavours of South India, Nellara has firmly established itself as a beacon for food enthusiasts, inviting them to savour the rich tapestry of this vibrant and varied culinary tradition.

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Top Picks on the Menu

Nellara’s menu is a treasure trove of dishes guaranteed to excite your taste buds. Here are some must-tries:

Kerala’s Traditional Meals: Featuring a mix of rice, sambar, rasam, and assorted curries.
Kerala’s Flavourful Biriyani: A delightful biriyani packed with aromatic spices and accompanied by raita.
Freshly Baked Indian Bread: Offering naan, roti, and paratha.
Appetising Starters: Choose from various vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetisers like samosas, pakoras, and chicken tikka.
Naden Delights: Indulge in seafood dishes such as fish curry, prawn masala, and crab roast.
Cost Estimation

The average cost for two individuals dining at Nellara restaurant hovers around AED 70.

Nellara isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a gateway to the intricate and diverse world of South Indian food in Dubai. Its commitment to preserving the authenticity and diversity of South Indian cuisine makes it a cherished destination in the UAE for those seeking a genuine taste of this rich culinary heritage. Nellara in Dubai invites you to experience the diverse and flavourful tastes of Kerala cuisine, ensuring a delightful dining journey for all food enthusiasts.

Where: Al Qusais Industrial Area 2, Dubai
When: 7:30 am to 11:30 pm
Cost: AED 70 for two

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Nellara Restaurant

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