Indulge In Bambaiya Pav Bhaji Sizzler Here In Pune

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    The Cream Centre in Pune is dishing up an entire sizzler made out of Pav Bhaji which is a wholesome dish made in Bambaiya style!

    What Is It?

    Known for its sizzlers, Cream Centre is located in Baner with a pleasant ambience to enjoy a good meal with your friends and family. This pure vegetarian restaurant has everything from fast food to tempting sizzlers! Indulge in their Bambaiya Pav Bhaji Sizzler that is an honest interpretation of one of the city’s most beloved foods.

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    What’s In It?

    The Pav Bhaji Sizzler is a flavourful dish that is made in a way that the Mumbaikars most love it. It includes Asli Makhan pav bhaji, buttered pav, subz pulao, kahu galli vada, potato wedges, steamed and grilled vegetables and grilled tomato served with mint chutney.

    The entire dish is sufficient for 2 people and it will cost you ₹395.

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    Address: Cream Centre, House 668, Survey 135/3, Balewadi Phata, Baner, Pune
    Phone: 020 71967064
    Cost for two: ₹1,200


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    Yashasvi Shaktawat
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