Indulge In Blue Chicken Dumplings At This Restaurant In Delhi

by Aditi Singh
Indulge In Blue Chicken Dumplings At This Restaurant In Delhi

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Devour blue chicken dumplings at this high end restaurant in Delhi called Bo Tai.

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What Is This

Well literally, a flowery preparation, this restaurant serves blue dumplings with lavender flower for it’s color. It has been used to give color to the skin of the dumplings. The blend of  of tamarind, chilli and jaggery sauce makes for a chatpata binge.  A must try for all non vegetarians, this took us by surprise. Full marks for presentation. This ain’t the only dish here which will leave you in awe of not just the looks but also the taste.

What Else?

Bo Tai is a modern Thai and grill restaurant tucked beautifully near Qutub Minar. The restaurant exudes luxury with minimalistic design and artistically done interiors. It is designed in the shape of a horse shoe that gives it  a restaurant-in-a-restaurant feel.

If you are a die hard chicken fan then you must not miss the distented chicken . This dish comes from Thailand where the chicken is beer battered with some chopped  authentic Thai herbs. It is then deep fried The beer batter and crisp skin with stir fry and juicy chicken inside tastes divine. And while we know it;s somewhat on a higher side but definitely worth a one time experience. We bet it is going to be finger licking good till the last bite.


Address: 6/4,Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli Road, Near Qutub Minar, New Delhi

Contact: 098705 87770

Cost for two: ₹2500 (without alcohol)