Influencer Calls Vada Pav ‘Trash’, Netizens Ask Her To Leave Mumbai

Mumbai's beloved vada pav under fire!

by Mallika Khurana
Influencer Calls Vada Pav ‘Trash’, Netizens Ask Her To Leave Mumbai

Would it be wrong to consider Mumbai synonymous with vada pav? We hardly think so. This legendary snack is not just a go-to for the locals; it is also the first thing people from other cities savour as soon as they come to Mumbai. And yes, it always fulfils the high expectations people have. People from all over the world recognise it as one of the best street foods offered in India. However, despite its unconflicted popularity, some people don’t really love it as much or consider it quite average. Recently, a popular influencer from Mumbai, Sakshi Shivdasani, called this classic dish ‘trash’ during an online show. Yes, she explained how she couldn’t get behind the combination of boiled potatoes and bread. 

Sakshi Shivdasani Called Vada Pav Trash

In December 2023, Sakshi Shivdasani appeared on an episode of the ‘Having Said That’ show and a particular segment of that episode has been making the rounds on the internet. In this video that has 2.1 million views and over 46K likes on Instagram, she says, ‘Vada Pav is trash. I hate Vada pav from the bottom of my heart.’ She went on to explain how the combination of boiled potatoes and bread doesn’t make sense to her. According to her, this combination never works and chutney makes everything good, not just vada pav. She didn’t stop there; she also revealed that samosa pav works better for her and that McVeggie is much better than McAloo Tikki at McDonald’s. 

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Netizens Were Left Heart Broken

netizens react
Photo Credits: Having Said That/Instagram

It is fair to say, that in less than a minute, she broke the hearts of many Indians, especially Mumbaikars. And, of course, they didn’t hold back from expressing their surprise and disappointment. Many Instagram users called Vada Pav an emotion and expressed their shock over her unconventional opinions. Some even came forward in defence of the chutney inside the vada pav, calling it 100000000000000 times better than any average chutney.  Surprisingly, some users agreed with her as well. They also expressed their not-so-great feelings about vada pav and how it is an average snack.

No matter how many hate comments Vada Pav gets, they will never be enough to bring it down!

Cover Image Courtesy: Sakshi Shivdasani/Instagram, Having Said That/Instagram, and Canva

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