Influenza Cases Jump In China. This Place Is Under COVID-Like Lockdown Due To The Flu Outbreak

by Shreya Ghosh
Influenza Cases Jump In China. This Place Is Under COVID-Like Lockdown Due To The Flu Outbreak

It seems like lockdowns are making a comeback once again in China. But this time, it is not the COVID-19 pandemic. The country is experiencing a major outbreak of influenza and the numbers are increasing rapidly all around. This sudden spike in the positive cases of influenza is turning out to be a major problem for China. It has spread to such an extent that strict lockdowns and restrictions like COVID-19 might be the solution to the influenza outbreak.

This Part Of China Is Under Lockdown

Picture credit- Pixabay

The northwestern city of Xi’an is already undergoing a lockdown because of the rapid growth of influenza-positive cases. According to Bloomberg, the lockdowns are initiated at the moment to control the rise of flu cases in China. The lockdown plan in the city of Xi’an is quite similar to that of COVID-19. The biggest concern of this outbreak is the positivity rate of influenza-positive cases. As shared by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the positivity rate of the outbreak increased to 41.6%. The number was 25.1% in the last week and it increased to such an extent in just a few days.

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The city of Xi’an is a well-populated place with about 13 million residents living here. And to curb the flu outbreak here, there are plans to start introducing rules and restrictions like the time of COVID-19. Schools, workplaces, and crowded areas might be closed as a part of the lockdown here. The plan for lockdown once again is decided because of the stressful rise in the flu outbreak positivity rate. As per the data collected from the government, the numbers took a spike for the past 6 weeks, at a stretch.

People Are Not Pleased With This Decision!

According to a report by CNN, many residents are condemning the decision to pandemic-like lockdown in the city of Xi’an. People are upset about going through lockdowns once again. The report also stated how many people are sharing their opinions on the same on Twitter- Weibo of China.

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Many people are against lockdown and several residents even suggested starting vaccination. Some suggested that initiating vaccination procedures is a better idea than adding a pause to everything and going under lockdown.

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