Inside Notre-Dame’s Transformation After The 2019 Fire, Featuring New Bronze Furniture & Contemporary Art

Unveil the spiritual and cultural revival of this iconic 860-year-old landmark.

by Mallika Khurana
Inside Notre-Dame’s Transformation After The 2019 Fire, Featuring New Bronze Furniture & Contemporary Art

After the devastating fire accident in 2019, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is not just being restored—it’s being reborn. As the iconic structure prepares to reopen its doors this December, visitors will find themselves stepping into a remarkable blend of history and modern artistry. The transformation of Notre-Dame is nothing short of miraculous. 

A Modern Makeover Of The Notre-Dame

The cathedral, which has stood for 860 years, now features a modern aesthetic alongside its venerable architecture. Designed by celebrated French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbaja, new priestly vestments and interior elements reflect historical reverence as well as modern artistry. 

Inspired by the gold cross in the choir that survived the fire, de Castelbajac’s designs incorporate geometric patterns, according to Hindustan Times reports. They also include bold primary colours reminiscent of Piet Mondrian’s art. They will certainly add a unique artistic flair to the sacred garments.

The physical structure of Notre-Dame has been meticulously restored. The new bronze furniture crafted in southern France lends it a medieval “Game of Thrones” aesthetic. This includes a tabernacle, altar, and baptismal font, complemented by light oak chairs for comfort and simplicity.

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A Strong Cultural And Spiritual Experience

The painted decorations of the chapels have also been revitalised. They harmonise with new tapestries and stained glass windows designed by contemporary artists such as Daniel Buren, Herve Di Rosa, and Yan Pei-Ming.

According to the Hindustan Times, Rector Olivier Ribadeau Dumas promises that the renovated cathedral will provide visitors with a profound cultural and spiritual experience. Anticipating an increase in annual visitors to 15 million, up from 12 million before the fire, Notre-Dame aims to accommodate up to 40,000 visitors daily. The cathedral now has enhanced fire protection systems and restored bells for the north tower. A new great organ is also nearing completion. It further highlights the cathedral’s revitalised grandeur.

Reservations for visiting Notre-Dame will be free and open a week before its December 8 reopening. Reportedly, individual visitors will be prioritised initially to manage the expected influx. Notre-Dame’s cultural significance is underscored by its capacity to host 2,500 people at once. It certainly surpasses that of the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre Museum. It also reaffirms its status as a monumental symbol of art, history, and faith.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ludovic Marin/X and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris/Instagram