Inside The Ghogha Hazira RO-RO Ferry Which Connects Surat To Saurashtra!

by Shreya Rathod
Inside The Ghogha Hazira RO-RO Ferry Which Connects Surat To Saurashtra!

Gujarat is not only known for the salt marsh known as Rann Of Kutch. The place also has important sea ports like Ghogha and Hazira. In order to join the ports and reduce the distance between them, DG Sea Connect was started in 2020. Today, the RO-RO ferry service offers solar-powered ferries with amenities. Here is all about the Ghogha Hazira RO-RO Ferry.

Inside The Ghogha Hazira RO-RO Ferry

In collaboration with the Gujarat Maritime Board, DG Sea Connect, A Detox Group Company, offers the first Roll On-Roll Off Ferry Service in India, which is a special and quick passenger and cargo service in the Gulf of Cambay. One such aspiration, held by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, is the establishment of DG Sea Connect. It is India’s first ROPAX Ferry that links Ghogha (Bhavnagar) and Hazira (Surat), two important Gujarati locations.

The project effectively reaches its goal of providing people with affordable travel options while cutting the distance between Hazira (Surat) and Ghogha (Bhavnagar) from 360 km and 10–12 hours (roadways) to 90 km & 4 hours (seaways). By preventing fuel from running out, this idea seeks to significantly reduce carbon emissions while also clearing traffic and lowering air pollution for the protection of the environment. Their services will save travel expenses and time while also protecting the environment and creating job and business opportunities. They provide two voyage services:

1. Voyage Express

This is the first and biggest solar-powered Ro-Pax ferry in India, providing more convenient freight and passenger transit between Surat and Saurashtra. With three cafeterias, game areas, and a top deck where passengers may take in the breathtaking views of the sea, the ferry is entirely air-conditioned. It can carry 22 VIP lounges, 11 cabins, 80 sleeping class passengers, 180 executive passengers, and 115 business passengers.

2. Voyage Symphony

The ferry has two cafeterias, full air conditioning, and a top deck where passengers may take in the breathtaking views of the sea. It has the capacity to carry 14 passengers in lounge class, 78 business passengers, and 316 executive passengers.

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They Provide Effective Transit Service

DG Sea Connect has succeeded in providing a clear and concise definition of efficient transit and conveyance. The Detox Group’s Hazira-Ghogha boat service is barely getting started. The company’s goal is to connect every Indian state to the western coast of the country. The objective is to build a systematic and effective gateway to the western region of India, facilitating travel, transit, and logistics at the national level.

Features Of The Ferry:

1. It is cost-effective compared to other routes like railways and roadways.

2. Their excellent staff is well-versed in all aspects and has a wealth of experience. They always deliver services promptly, safely, and compliantly.

3. They can load and export multiple cars on a single trip, which helps to clear the roads and cut down on pollution from dangerous emissions.

4. Moreover, they abide by all laws and guidelines set forth by the government on shipping, port operations, and security measures

5. Hazira and Ghogha are 360 kilometres apart by road; with their seaway service, that distance is only 90 km. The trip takes four hours instead of ten or twelve.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @dgseaconnect/ Instagram

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