Inspired By Hobbit Homes, Papa Don’t Preach’s Flagship Store At Kala Ghoda Is Fantastical

by Tooba Shaikh
Inspired By Hobbit Homes, Papa Don’t Preach’s Flagship Store At Kala Ghoda Is Fantastical

Whenever we speak of architectural wonders, the places we get to see are more often than not restaurants, hotels or villas. You must have seen a number of stays and getaways inspired by the hobbit homes from The Lord Of The Rings series. This time, we bring you a similar architectural wonder. But wait! It’s not a hotel or a villa, it’s a boutique fashion store! Papa Don’t Preach has a flagship store at Kala Ghoda and it is inspired by Hobbit homes.

Papa Don’t Preach’s Kala Ghoda Store Inspired By Hobbit Homes

Papa Don’t Preach is a prominent fashion brand that recently opened its flagship store At Kala Ghoda in Fort. This store has turned out to be an architectural wonder as it is inspired by the hobbit homes featured in one of the most popular fantasy franchises, The Lord Of The Rings.

It also incorporates fantastical elements like an infinity tree, circular windows and tiny circular doors perfect for the elves. Not only that but it is also made with eco-friendly materials to truly embody the nature-friendly ethos of the Hobbits.

The exterior of the store is lavishly decorated with lavender walls and a motif that is taken from the brand’s lehenga design. The infinity tree that it houses within, is inspired by another classical tale of the jack and the beanstalk.

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Joint Effort By Sisters

The store is designed by Design Hex. The interior designing company was founded by Shimona Bhansali. She happens to be the sister of Shubhika Sharma who is the founder of Papa Don’t Preach. So not only is the place truly fantastical, it is forged by the bond of sisterhood.

Speaking about her store, Shubhika Sharma said that she wanted her store to reflect how she saw her wearable art pieces. She sees fashion design as a form of storytelling. Hence, there couldn’t be a better way to communicate this to visitors than by making her store look like it’s from a fantasyland.

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Cover Image Credits: @papadon’tpreachbyshubhika/Instagram