Instant RT-PCR Facility Comes Up In Lucknow Airport For International Passengers

by Sanjana Shenoy
Instant RT-PCR Facility Comes Up In Lucknow Airport For International Passengers

Lucknow has seen its own share of the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic. While people have waited patiently to help the government fight this pandemic, now it is time to help the restaurant industry get back on its feet! To make things more interesting,  in-car dining has picked up in the city where people can maintain social distancing and safely enjoy meals in cars. Meanwhile, Lucknow Airport has also started RT-PCR facility for international passengers.

Lucknow Airport Has Started RT-PCR Facility For International Passengers

Now Lucknow airport has started an instant RT-PCR facility for international passengers. According to reports, the airport officials installed 30 RT-PCR machines. Airlines have also made it compulsory for passengers to carry a hard copy of the RT-PCR test report at the airport before boarding the international flight.

Foodies In Lucknow Are Eating Meals In Vehicles

Lucknow folks rejoice! Now you can enjoy all your favourite snacks and delicacies in your vehicles. Since dining in is still not permissible, food joints have come up with this creative way to entice their customers. Popular restaurants like Moti Mahal, Royal Café, Bajpai Kachori, Madhurima, Keval’s tea, Tunday Kababi, Ranjan Café and others have started take-aways. Bajpai Kachori shop is back to serving several customers who just can’t get enough of their kachoris and puris. According to a Hindustan Times report,  customers of Goldmine Rovers Café are consuming meals in cars parked away from the cafe.

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lucknow in-car dining
Picture Credits: Hindustan Times

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In-Car Dining Services Picks Up In Lucknow

One look around the streets of Lucknow and you can find bhel-puri, batasha, poha and ice-cream carts and tea stall back to seeing a revival of their business as people are back to enjoy their tasty delights. Around the world too, people are following a similar trend where RPG Enterprises Chairman Harsh Goenka has rightfully observed on Twitter, as he tweeted a short video of people enjoying food from their cars with the caption, “When restaurants are closed, dining-in Indian style!”. Summing up beautifully, one bhel-puri seller remarked, “Ab zindagi to chalni hi hai.” And we rightfully agree. Meanwhile, until you visit Lucknow, here are 10 local delicacies you must add to your wishlist.