International Road Federation Calls For Mandatory Seat Belts In Buses; Urges Governments To Prioritise Passenger Safety

IRF President urges India to safeguard lives and bridge the gap in road safety measures.

by Mallika Khurana
International Road Federation Calls For Mandatory Seat Belts In Buses; Urges Governments To Prioritise Passenger Safety

The International Road Federation (IRF), a global authority on road safety, has made a strong case for improving standards of road safety by urging the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) to implement a policy requiring seat belt use for all heavy vehicles that travel the country’s thoroughfares. This passionate plea applies to a variety of heavy vehicles, including school buses and passenger buses. Its primary objective is the reduction of fatalities and injuries resulting from traffic accidents.

IRF’s Global Call For Seat Belts In Buses

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The President Emeritus of the IRF, K K Kapila, emphasised in a letter to MoRTH the critical need to install seat belts on buses. He pointed out that this precaution may be crucial in preventing tragic deaths. “There have been heart-wrenching passenger bus accidents resulting in the loss of innocent lives. According to the Times of India, Kapila said, “Many of them would have been saved had they been wearing seat belts.” He emphasised how this seemingly simple but extremely effective safety measure could potentially save lives.

Utilising statistical data from global settings, Kapila shed light on the striking differences in road safety results. He compared the number of fatalities from bus accidents in China in 2022 to the United States in 2021, citing data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2021 report that showed just 14 fatalities nationwide. This striking contrast emphasises how important strict safety laws are to preserving human life.

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IRF President Emeritus Kapila Demands Action

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Moreover, Kapila emphasised that strict safety regulations should be applied everywhere, regardless of how developed a country is. According to the Times of India reports, he mentioned the excellent results that both developed and developing countries had obtained. He also attributed their achievements to their persistent efforts to enforce strict safety regulations on public transportation, especially buses.

Given these persuasive arguments, Kapila issued a strong call for India to close the safety standards gap, stressing the need to protect vulnerable populations’ lives, such as schoolchildren, the impoverished, and marginalised groups in society. 

Kapila’s passionate appeal serves as a poignant reminder of the enormous responsibility placed on authorities to prioritise road safety.

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