Ireland Cafe Names A Dish After Their Best Customer. His Reaction Is Melting Our Hearts

by Shreya Ghosh
Ireland Cafe Names A Dish After Their Best Customer. His Reaction Is Melting Our Hearts

Every little gesture counts, no matter how small it is! The act of kindness becomes the most special when it is gifted by someone close to us, someone we have a special connection with. This is a beautiful story about an old man named John from Ireland and his special bond with a cafe there. It seems that John has a favourite cafe and it is Grangecon Kitchen. The elderly man is a regular customer here and he is going to this cafe very regularly for so many years. The cafe did something so beautiful for him and it will melt your heart!

Grangecon Kitchen Surprises John With The Sweetest Gift! They Name A Dish After Him!

Grangecon Kitchen took to its Instagram handle to share a beautiful video where they surprised their “best customer” in the most wonderful way. This video is so heartwarming!!!


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John is not just a regular but the best customer of this cafe. He has a very special breakfast menu that he orders almost every day. He has some specifics that he wants the chef to add to his breakfast. The sweetest people at the Grangecon Kitchen decided to just put the breakfast on the menu for everyone to order “John’s Breakfast”. As seen in the video, when he gets to know about this pleasant surprise, he becomes happy instantly! There’s a wide smile shining on his face and his eyes are sparking love and appreciation for everyone at the cafe.

The cafe truly gifted John with the most wholesome and heart-touching present. They honoured their best customer by naming his special dish after him. The way Grangecon Kitchen made John so happy is really appreciated. The rays of happiness on John’s face beautifully portray how delighted and happy he is with this fantastic gesture.

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Netizens Are Also Impressed With The Cafe!

Not many cafes and restaurants will change the names of any dish on their menu for their loyal customers. But Grangecon Kitchen is truly a huge exception. Their stunning gesture shows their love and respect for John and how much they are excited to see him visiting the cafe to eat his breakfast every day. Instagram users are showering their love on this cute video and appreciating their surprise.

How do you like this gift?

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