Is This Transparent Gulab Jamun India’s Answer To Raindrop Cake? Netizens Are Intrigued

by Tooba Shaikh
Is This Transparent Gulab Jamun India’s Answer To Raindrop Cake? Netizens Are Intrigued

The Internet is full of bizarre and unique food items. Some make you drool while others make you vomit. Every so often, however, a food item goes viral which evokes a singular reaction from people that is not very common for food items to evoke. That sentiment is perplexity. Recently, a food item went viral on social media which has Netizens confused. It is a transparent gulab jamun and Netizens cannot make their mind up about it!

Transparent Gulab Jamun Leaves Netizens In A Tizzy

Instagram is replete with images and videos of a host of bizarre and unique dishes. Recently, a short video of what looked like a spinning ball of ice went viral on the popular social media platform. This particular video was posted along with the caption “Transparent Gulab Jamun.”

In the short video, you could see a small transparent orb topped with what looked like half a cherry. The orb was spinning in a way that made it seem like it was actually ice. However, the caption told a different story.

Many commenters flocked to the video with hilarious retorts. One commenter asked if the seller would accept transparent or invisible money for it. Since it was first posted, it has garnered more than 75 thousand likes and they only keep on increasing.

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India’s Answer To The Japanese Raindrop Cake?

transparent gulab jamun
Image Credits: Canva Images

The viral video has left many wondering if this is India’s response to the raindrop cake that went viral a couple of years ago in Japan. The raindrop cake looked exactly like a water droplet which is why it was given such a name.

It was described as having a mild sweet flavour and it was accompanied by minimal flavouring. The transparent Gulab Jamun is quite reminiscent of the raindrop cake. Although, it is quite possible that the whole thing was just a prank and it’s just a round-shaped ice! What do you think?

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Would you want to try this transparent Gulab Jamun? Have you tried the raindrop cake? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @tastethisbangalore/Instagram and Canva Images