Japan Hit By 155 Quakes Since Monday; People Flee Home, Tsunami Waves Warnings & More Live Updates

Japan's main island of Honshu's Ishikawa prefecture was struck by over 155 quakes.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Japan Hit By 155 Quakes Since Monday; People Flee Home, Tsunami Waves Warnings & More Live Updates

The new year turned out to be extremely scary for people in Japan. The country’s central part was hit by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake on Monday. The main island of Honshu’s Ishikawa prefecture was struck by over 155 quakes, which included one measuring 7.5 and the rest measuring around 6. It split apart roads, caused a tsunami that was more than a metre high, wrecked homes, and sparked a large port fire.

Japan Hit By 155 Quakes Since Monday

When daylight finally arrived, it was clear how devastated the Noto Peninsula in Japan was: houses had been demolished, structures were still burning, and fishing boats had sunk or washed ashore.

Police said that six people had perished, but it was almost certain that the number would climb. Twenty-four people have died, seven of them in the badly damaged port of Wajima, the Kyodo news agency reported. 

In a race against time and strong aftershocks, Japanese rescuers searched for survivors on Tuesday after the earthquake that allegedly killed over 20 people and left a path of devastation in its wake.

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Fire Broke Out At Wajima City

Approximately 45,000 homes in the neighbourhood lost electricity during the overnight lows that fell below freezing, according to the local energy provider. On Monday, waves as high as 1.2 metres (four feet) hit Wajima, while smaller tsunamis were reported in other places.  

Japan’s Meteorological Agency removed all tsunami warnings on Tuesday. There have been reports of tsunamis striking various Ishikawa cities. Kanazawa observed 90-centimetre tsunami waves, while Wajima reported waves as high as 120 centimeters. Additionally, reports of sightings came from other prefectures. 

Images shared on social media displayed terrified people crouched in train stations and businesses, and houses and cars in Ishikawa quivering violently. Massive cracks appeared in the roads, and homes collapsed. 

After the earthquake, a fire broke out in Wajima City. The fire destroyed over 100 homes and stores, according to NHK World. It is also said that one seven-story structure had totally collapsed. The area that was damaged is a well-known traditional bazaar that attracts many visitors.

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Our prayers are with the people of Japan.

Cover Image Courtesy: @RealJohnnyYu/X (formerly Twitter)

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