Japanese Boutique “Yakitate” Serves The Cutest Food

by Sharon Saldanha
Japanese Boutique “Yakitate” Serves The Cutest Food

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Want to satisfy your hunger for Japanese food? Yakitate brings you dishes that represent the art of Japanese cuisine and they are ridiculously adorable!

What Is It?

Representing Japan in Dubai, Yakitate is a boutique/bakery/café that could be the prettiest place to eat. The eatery is located in Al Ghurair Centre and has recently opened another branch in Ibn Batuta Mall with a shisha lounge. Yakitate means ‘freshly baked’. They specialize in baked goods (cakes, pastries, bread) that are freshly made on the premises. Their traditional hand rolls can also be customized into your favorite character! A selection of Japanese tea is also available; other contemporary dishes such as ramen, sushi, bento lunch box, and Kyoto breakfast and little delights round out the food menu.

Japan tends to produce innovations found nowhere else in the world. The same can be said about its food. We’re talking about sushi donuts, flying noodles, and ramen burgers. All of which can be found at Yakitate. Oh! And did we mention that they also serve the famous fluffy cheesecake? It’s as soft as cotton and full of jiggle.

Credits: Yakitate

What Else?

Besides the food, the highlight of Yakitate is the décor. It’s pink, pretty and displays their sweet & savory filled bread in the shape of cute characters that is almost too cute to eat. Almost. Also, if you’re looking for an alternative spot to catch the cherry blossoms, this could be the place!

“Time has come for Dubai to bite into a sumptuous piece of this culinary trend-setter called Yakitate. Developed and perfected for people with a fine taste for food, Yakitate presents to the people of Dubai a top-notch selection of delicious Japanese bakery.” – Yakitate.

BRB. Deciding whether to stare at them or actually eat ‘em!