Japanese Influencer Relishes Dal Chawal With Hands; Wins Hearts On The Internet!

by Shreya Rathod
Japanese Influencer Relishes Dal Chawal With Hands; Wins Hearts On The Internet!

Not burgers or pizza, but dal chawal is the OG comfort food for Indians. There is nothing better than relishing fluffed-up rice with dal! And that too with your hands and not a spoon. Today, most people around the world are loving Indian cuisine. However, they are not accustomed to eating with their hands. However, this Japanese influencer shows how to eat dal chawal. And it is winning hearts on the internet!

Japanese Influencer Eats Dal Chawal With His Hands

A popular video demonstrated how a Japanese influencer made the transition from using utensils to eating with his hands. It showed a lovely fusion of Japanese and Indian customs. Japanese influencer, Koki Shishido, shared his beautiful journey.

In the first part, after a week in India, he is seen eating curry and rice with a spoon. The second snippet shows that after a year in India, he enjoys relishing dal chawal with his hands and returns the spoon! In fact, the moment when he asks the server to bring him another plate is adorable.

When you thought the dinner couldn’t possibly get much better, he finished it off by enjoying some saunf (fennel seeds), a traditional after-meal dessert offered at many Indian eateries to aid in digestion. Koki asks for the bill in classic Indian fashion as the video reaches its joyful climax.

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The Instagram reel is a beautiful fusion of two fascinating cultures that have a common appreciation for heritage and cuisine.

Internet Reacts To The Video

japanese influencer dal chawal
Credits: Koki Shishido/ Instagram

The Internet can’t get enough of the cute way the Japanese influencer was eating dal chawal. One of the users stated that the man is more Indian than the Indians themselves. Another user congrats him for experiencing Indian food and learning Hindi.

A user stated that he has never felt satisfied looking at a non-Indian person adapting to Indian culture. In fact, he won hearts with his expression while eating onion. Some also pointed out the fact that both cultures have a tradition of praying before eating.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Koki Shishido/ Instagram