Nigella Lawson Craves Dal Chawal & Shares Picture On Insta; Indians Can’t Keep Calm

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1030

Dal Chawal!  This desi dish is not just food, but an emotion. A plate of steaming rice with piping hot dal filled with spices, onions and tomatoes can drive away any bad day. There’s no better comfort food than dal chawal. And now, English television cook and writer, Nigella Lawson seems to agree with us too. The beautiful celebrity took to Instagram to share a delicious picture of the humble desi dish, Dal Chawal. Earlier, foreign dignitaries like Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen took to social media to share their favourite Indian food samosas and channa masala respectively. Read on to know more. 

Nigella Lawson Shares Delicious Picture Of Dal Chawal On Instagram

Nigella Lawson posted a lip-smacking pic of Dal Chawal, with the caption “Meanwhile, over on @foodim, this soothing picture of Dal Chaval (rice and lentil soup) by @nutsisnitin is #postoftheweek. Am hoping Nitin might give us the recipe! Will keep you posted.” Well, Indian foodies across the world rejoiced to see their favourite celebrity declaring her love for Dal Chawal. Lawson’s post garnered over 18k likes and over 200 comments on Instagram.

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Desi Foodies Bond Over Dal Chawal & Recommend Food Pairings To Go With It

Hundreds of excited desi foodies agreed with Nigella Lawson how Dal Chawal is simply the most soothing comfort food ever. One user commented, “I love it!! Simple yet delicious.” Another user commented, “This photo makes me feel warm and cozy”. And a desi user even suggested Nigella to use a dollop of ghee to enhance its taste. Many others on similar lines suggested great accompaniments to pair with Dal Chawal like apple and mint chutney and papad. Some even suggested calling it Khichdi. Well, desis, if you’re craving for a hearty bowl of Khichdi, then just watch this video to get your appetite going

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