JetBlue Flight From Ecuador To Florida Experiences Severe Turbulence; 8 People Hospitalised

by Tooba Shaikh
JetBlue Flight From Ecuador To Florida Experiences Severe Turbulence; 8 People Hospitalised

Turbulence is perhaps the worst part about a flight, aside from sitting next to someone who is a stranger to flight etiquette. Light turbulence is tolerable though it might make you feel a bit queasy. When the turbulence is severe, however, it can cause severe damage and can be a health hazard. A recent JetBlue flight, which was headed to Fort Lauderdale Florida, experienced turbulence so severe that eight people had to be hospitalised.

JetBlue Flight Experiences Severe Turbulence

A JetBlue flight, which took off from Guayaquil in Ecuador, experienced severe turbulence. The flight was numbered 1256 and was headed to Florida on September 25, 2023. It experienced some sudden and severe turbulence around Jamaica.

Fortunately, the flight managed to land safely at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The aircraft was an Airbus A320 and after landing, it was taken out of service so that it could be inspected. A thorough inspection will be carried out of the aircraft in order to determine the cause of the severe turbulence.

According to a post by the National Transportation Safety Board on X (formerly, Twitter) or the NTSB, numerous injuries were reported. As many as eight people were admitted to the hospital after the plane landed.

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7 Passengers, 1 Crew Member Hospitalised

JetBlue flight
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Of the eight people hospitalised, seven were passengers and one was a crew member. According to an article recently published by CBS News, the severity of the injuries is not known. However, the airline is working to support the crew members and its customers.

Many other incidents of turbulence have been reported recently. Last month, a flight to Mallorca in Spain experienced sudden and severe turbulence which left the passengers screaming. In July, an Allegiant Air plane also witnessed severe turbulence. The turbulence in this flight was so severe that one passenger ended up with a broken skull. Turbulence is the change in the air around the plane that you’re flying in and is a cause of anxiety for many.

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