Jhalmuri In Bangladesh Costs Just ₹15! It’s Made Of Unique Ingredients Like Culantro & Gondhoraj

by Sanjana Shenoy
Jhalmuri In Bangladesh Costs Just ₹15! It’s Made Of Unique Ingredients Like Culantro & Gondhoraj

Jhalmuri is a popular street food snack in Kolkata. “Jhal” means spicy and “muri” translates to “murmura” or puffed rice. Unlike it’s cousin bhel puri, jhal muri is made with mustard oil and even boiled potatoes. Interestingly, did you that Bangladesh has its own version of jhalmuri and it costs just ₹15? And that’s not all! You’d be tempted to try this snack as its made with special ingredients native to the region. Let’s tell you more about it.

This Jhalmuri In Bangladesh Costing ₹15 Is Made In An Interesting Way!

Food vlogger Amar Sirohi AKA @foodie_incarnate took to his Instagram and YouTube accounts to share a video of a famous Bangladeshi street food vendor preparing jhalmuri in Dhaka. Popularly known as Jhalmuri King in Bangladesh, the street food vendor makes jhalmuri from scratch using unique ingredients. 


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In the video, you can spot him first slicing what looks like a massive cake or a semi-solid ingredient in a tub. He then sets it aside. Then, he pours mustard oil into a bowl of mustard paste and keeps this aside too. To prepare jhalmuri, the vendor cuts culnatro, an ingredient native to Bangladesh. It’s a green leafy veggie which smells like cilantro but known to have be healthier. He finely chops culantro, onion, tomato, gondhoraj lemon and green chillies. Next, he mixes puffed rice with jhalmuri masala, wearing gloves.

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Finally, he mixes the chopped veggies, mustard paste, boiled potatoes with the spiced puffed rice. If you haven’t yet guessed what the cake-like ingredient in the beginning is, then let’s tell you. It is ghugni, a thick gravy made with white peas. Unlike the thinner version made in Kolkata,the Bangladeshi vendor prepares a semi-sold ghugni variant for his jhalmuri. He finishes the dish by mixing ghugni with it.

Netizens Have Mixed Reactions

There you have it! Bangladeshi jhalmuri is ready and it costs just ₹15 in Dhaka! Now isn’t this just fab? But this video received mixed reactions. While some people were curious to try it. Others said they preferred the Indian bhel puri and jhalmuri as the ingredients seemed familiar. Some Netizens even said they spotted flies in the video and questioned the dish’s hygiene.

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Meanwhile, what do you think about Bangladeshi jhalmuri?

Cover Image Courtesy: @foodie_incarnate/ YouTube