What Is Doi Chira Poha, The Bangladeshi Breakfast Dish With Rasgulla? Watch

by Sanjana Shenoy
What Is Doi Chira Poha, The Bangladeshi Breakfast Dish With Rasgulla? Watch

From the Nagpur special Tarri Poha to the sweet and soft, Indori Poha, the breakfast dish poha has a special place in everyone’s hearts. Made of flattened rice, light spices, peanuts and even pomegranate kernels, poha is a preferred breakfast staple thanks to its easy-to-digest nature and delicious flavours. But it’s not just India, even our neighbour, Bangladesh has its own version of poha— Doi Chira Poha. And this poha actually has the Bengali-mithai, rasgulla in it.

Watch: The Making Of Bangladesh’s Famous Doi Chira Poha

Popular food vlogger, Amar Sirohi who goes by the name ‘foodie incarnate’ on social media, recently posted a video of the ‘world’s most unique poha’. In this video, foodies got to witness Bangladesh’s own version of poha, Doi Chira Poha. Unlike any poha you’ve seen before, this breakfast staple has curd, milk, bananas and even rasgulla in it.

The viral YouTube video with a whopping 72,000 views and 2500 likes has piqued everyone’s interest. The video shows a street food vendor in Bangladesh’s Dhaka preparing breakfast plates for hungry customers. To prepare this, the vendor first adds flattened rice, soaked in water overnight, into steel bowls. Next, he sprinkles salt and a spoonful of sugar into the bowls, After this, he adds chopped bananas to the mixture.

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Here’s where things get interesting. The traditional Bangladeshi breakfast dish is elevated by adding a rasgulla to the bowl with poha. Then, ghol, a refreshing Bengali concoction of milk. curd and zesty gondhoraj lemon is poured into the bowls. The street food vendor then finished it with mishti doi. Voila, Bangaldesh’s famous Doi Chira Poha is ready! And it costs just ₹53.

This Breakfast Dish Mixes Poha With Rasgulla & Even Banana

Amar Sirohi was sceptical to give this a shot as mixing both curd and milk in a dish is considered unhealthy for the digestive system in India. So, he preferred to stay away from it. However, Netizens were very eager to give Doi Chira Poha a shot. People from Odisha, Assam and West Bengal commented that even they prepare Doi Chira Poha at home and enjoy eating. Assuring Amar Sirohi, a person commented that it doesn’t cause any harm to one’s health.

Doi Chira Poha

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I for one, a Mangalorean, have grown up enjoying poha with muskmelon and coconut milk, as well as with jaggery and chopped bananas. But rasgulla, mishti doi, and salt in poha is new to me, nevertheless I’d love to try this! Meanwhile do let us know if you also enjoy sweet poha with unique ingredients and flavour combinations.

Cover Image Courtesy: Foodie Incarnate/ YouTube