From Idlis To Poha Jalebi, Twitterati Debates Over Best Breakfast! What Do You Think?

by Shreya Rathod
From Idlis To Poha Jalebi, Twitterati Debates Over Best Breakfast! What Do You Think?

Poha is probably the most relished breakfast dish in the Indian subcontinent. Every region, where poha is eaten at breakfast, has a different way of making it. On Konkan, you will get poha topped with grated coconut. Whereas in Indore, they serve the special Indori poha that is worth a try. But is it the best breakfast ever? A Twitter user claims that hot poha served with sweet jalebi is the best breakfast. And this has left Twitterati in splits!

Is Poha Jalebi The Best Breakfast In India?

The first meal of the day, breakfast, is said to be the most significant. And for this reason, it must be good and healthy. There is a lot one may enjoy shortly after waking up, from the fluffy idlis and flavorful ghugni to crispy bedai offered in the streets of Agra. But can you choose the best breakfast among hundreds of dishes? Well, a Twitter user named Gabbar has claimed that poha jalebi is the best breakfast that you can get in India.

Poha jalebi is a breakfast dish served in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur city. Moreover, it has gained popularity over the years and you won’t get the same taste anywhere else in the country.

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This Sparks Debate On Twitter

Twitter users are not amused over poha jalebi claimed as the best breakfast. One of the users shares a pic of mouth-watering South Indian breakfast dishes that include masala dosa, medu vada, sambar and idli. According to her, this is the best breakfast that you can get.

Another user shares dishes from Odisha that are eaten for breakfast and he claims it as ‘the unbeatable breakfast’.

A user named ‘The mood doctor’ shares a pic of tempting kachoris with aloo sabzi and jalebis in response to the ‘best breakfast’.

But can you leave the iconic misal pav out of this discussion? The answer is no!

And who can forget the fluffy dhoklas served with spicy green chutney?

It is a fact that appam and stew are considered comfort food!

Speaking of Kerala cuisine, we have to mention that Malabar parotta is a versatile dish and can be eaten at breakfast.

But for North Indians, nothing can be as delicious as chole bhature!

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Comment below and share which is the best breakfast according to you.

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