Choosing Chole Bhature Over An English Breakfast, The Legend, Monty Panesar, Is A Desi At Heart!

by Mallika Khurana
Choosing Chole Bhature Over An English Breakfast, The Legend, Monty Panesar, Is A Desi At Heart!

An Indian player smashing wickets on behalf of another country is not a usual sight. Changing the narrative, Mudhusuden Singh Panesar, an Indian with British nationality, played for the team of England. Surprisingly enough, he received a lot of love from our country. Of course, we did not like him as much when he took down Sachin Tendulkar’s wicket.

You must be curious if this Indian, born and raised in England, has a desi soul. Well, we were too! To figure out just that, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, had a fantastic chat with the legend, Monty Panesar.

Monty Panesar Loves All Things Desi

Monty Panesar is a fan favourite, not only in England but also in India. What team did his parents cheer for when he played against India? India or England? They naturally supported and cheered for their son. We love and support him too, but the scenario was a little different when he played against Sachin Tendulkar.

Referring to that incident, Panesar revealed that though people were hating on him for the incident, he still saw it as Sachin’s glory. He was even thankful to Sachin for giving him the most memorable moment of his career. With decent fluency in Hindi and Punjabi, Monty has a lot of desi traits imbibed in him. We were blown away by the fact that he follows Bigg Boss regularly and loves the ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ episodes.

He is even quite fond of Bollywood movies, and Dabangg and Veer-Zaara are some of his favourites. Elaborating on his love of India, he revealed that he would choose Chole Bhature over an English breakfast any day. Even his Sunday brunch-cum- cheat days are filled with Aloo Parathas topped with a lot of butter. 

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This Is What His Future Has In Store

Monty Panesar
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After he taught us unbeatable bhangra moves and talked about his inspirational journey in cricket, we asked Monty Panesar about his future plans. It’s safe to say they sound quite exciting. Apart from working on his broadcast career, he also looks forward to starring in a Salman Khan movie, playing a villain who chases him. He wants to title the movie “The Full Monty,” and we hope Salman is listening!

It was an amazing episode with thrilling details about his life that you should not miss!

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