Jharkhand Train: Overhead Electric Wire Snaps; 2 Die As Train Was Stopped With A Sudden Jolt

by Tooba Shaikh
Jharkhand Train: Overhead Electric Wire Snaps; 2 Die As Train Was Stopped With A Sudden Jolt

A Jharkhand train had to make a sudden stop with a jolt when an overhead electric wire snapped and fell on the train. The train drivers had to apply the emergency brakes and the jolt with which the train stopped caused the deaths of two people. This tragic incident took place between the Gomoh and Koderma Railway Stations. Here are all the details that you should know about this particular incident. 

Jharkhand Train: Overhead Electric Wire Snaps; Two Dead

In a recent series of events, a train from Jharkhand had to make a sudden and abrupt stop in its journey when an overhead electric wire snapped and fell on it. According to an article recently published by livemint, this particular incident happened on November 11 at around 12 o’clock at noon. Two people ended up losing their lives because of the sudden jerk.

The incident took place between the Koderma Railway Station and Gomoh, near Parsabad. According to Ameresh Kumar, who is the Senior Divisional Commerce Manager of the Dhanbad Railway Division, the electric supply in the train suddenly cut off and the emergency brakes were applied. The jerk that was caused by the sudden stop claimed the lives of two people.

The article stated that the train was going at a speed of about 130 kilometres per hour when the accident happened. Because the speed was so high, the stop was also very sudden which is why the deaths occurred. The train was heading towards Delhi.

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Other Similar Train Accidents

Late in October, two passenger trains collided with each other in Andhra Pradesh. This particular accident resulted in the deaths of 13 people and ended up injuring more than 50 people. The accident took place at around 7 PM in the district of Vizianagaram. The two trains that collided were the Vishakhapatman-Rayagada Passenger Special Train and the Vishakhapatnam-Palasa Passenger Express.

The accident of the train resulted in the change of plans of many scheduled trains. Around 33 trains were cancelled, 24 trains were diverted and six trains had a change in their timings.

On October 22, another relatively minor train incident happened with one of the Local Trains of Mumbai. A coach of the train uncoupled near Marine Lines. The incident happened on the Western Railway line. Fortunately, though, nobody was harmed in the incident. This led to the diversion of a few slow trains to the fast train line.

Earlier this year, the deadly Odisha train accident also happened which is now widely considered as one of the biggest train accidents in the history of the country.

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