Juice Vendor’s Mixing Skills Is Whipping Up A Storm, And We Are Glued To The Screens Watching It

by Shreya Ghosh
Juice Vendor’s Mixing Skills Is Whipping Up A Storm, And We Are Glued To The Screens Watching It

You don’t always need to purchase tickets to witness skilled professionals showing their skills on shows. Just take a walk around a market and you might see someone showing their talent and entertaining the crowd. In the era of extravagant additions to food stalls and eateries and food bloggers posting everything on social media platforms, we just came across a juice vendor mixing juices and showing exceptional skills.

The Juice Vendor Is Gonna ‘Shake, Shake, Shake’

Content creator Hemraj Goyal (@hemrajgoyalofficial) took to Instagram to share a video of this man impressing the crowd with his talent and safe to say we are rewatching this video again and again.


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The juice vendor is preparing juices for all his customers and is also entertaining them at the same time with his incredible talent. Now that’s a great deal, right? Refreshing drinks and entertainment; get everything all together at this juice stall in Kerala. The man takes 4 durable glasses and uses them to shake, flip, beat, and whatnot. During the entire process, he covers the juice and ice perfectly with a steel glass. After a whirlwind-like shaking and twirling, he serves the juices to customers.

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Netizens Have So Many Good Things To Say About This Man & His Talent

Juice Vendor
Picture credit- Instagram/ Hemraj Goyal (@hemrajgoyalofficial)

The video is making major rounds on the Internet and garnered more than 22 million views with over 600K likes and thousands of comments. Not only his talent for controlling the glasses is catching everyone’s attention, but people are also pointing out the durability of the glasses. Even after beating them on the counter for so long, it didn’t break. Now that’s some great quality glasses to use to execute such impressive creativity to make juices.

Netizens are so excited and thrilled to watch this video and everyone is so appreciative of his amazing performance. We even found some fun comments in this video. An Instagrammer wrote, “I was waiting for the glass to break”. “Another comment read, “When you are in a wrong profession”. Someone commented, “Glass is made of Nokia”. People before Mixer grinder Was invented”, someone wrote.

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Are you impressed with the creativity of this juice vendor?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Hemraj Goyal (@hemrajgoyalofficial)