Just 125km From Bengaluru, Tamil Nadu’s Hogenakkal Falls Gives An Unparalleled Charm On A Coracle

What better way to experience the magic of Hogenakkal than on a coracle boat ride?

by Tejashee Kashyap
Just 125km From Bengaluru, Tamil Nadu’s Hogenakkal Falls Gives An Unparalleled Charm On A Coracle

In the heart of Tamil Nadu lies a hidden gem, Hogenakkal Falls. Tucked away amidst dense forests and rugged terrain, this majestic waterfall beckons adventurers and nature lovers. And what better way to experience the magic of Hogenakkal than by embarking on a coracle boat ride along its pristine waters?

Hogenakkal Falls On A Coracle Boat

The finest spectacle of the Kaveri may be viewed directly on the boundary of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, where it plunges several meters to form the stunning Hogenakkal Falls, also known as the Niagara of India. The falls are a collection of several waterfalls, all of which roar down the rocky landscape. The word Hogenakkal is Kannada in origin and means “Smoky Rocks”. When the river falls on the rocks below, the pouring force of the water mimics smoke rising from the rocks.

The finest way to experience the falls is in a round boat called a coracle, even though many spots are offering breathtaking views of the various portions. Locally constructed circular boats with a diameter of roughly 7 and a half feet are called coracles. Bamboo and plastic make up the basic framework. These native boats transport visitors through the intricate network of rivers and streams that eventually lead to the edge of multiple minor falls and vistas with breathtaking views of the main falls.

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From Walks To Swims

Drawing closer, you can feel the spray of the falls on the skin, a refreshing mist that invigorates the senses and fills us with a sense of wonder. There are some places designated for swimming as well. Because of the herbs that grow in its path, the falling water is thought to have therapeutic qualities.

It is said that the Karnataka side offers the best views of the major falls. Travellers can reach the Karnataka side by taking a quick coracle ride over the river. The major falls are a short stroll through the rocky landscape from there. Despite being brief, the walk is filled with adventure as it crosses many small but swift-moving streams. The short trek culminates in a breathtaking vista of the main falls roaring down the sheer rock wall. It’s common to see rainbows in the tumbling waters of Hogenakkal Falls. For those who enjoy the outdoors, it’s a great spot to explore and study the native plants and animals.

The falls are most active during the monsoon season, which runs from June to September. However, because of the strong flow, some activities, such as boat excursions, may not be possible during this time. It may be best to visit in the months that follow the monsoon season.

Cover image credits: Wikimedia Commons