Just In: Drones, Laser Beams Banned Near Delhi Airport, Sec 144 Imposed Till This Date; Here’s Why

Safeguarding air traffic during VVIP movements.

by Mallika Khurana
Just In: Drones, Laser Beams Banned Near Delhi Airport, Sec 144 Imposed Till This Date; Here’s Why

The Delhi Police have imposed prohibitory orders banning the use of drones and laser beams in the vicinity of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI). This heightened security protocol has been introduced in response to the movement of VVIP aircraft at the airport. It is driven by recent political developments in the capital and the upcoming oath-taking ceremony of the Prime Minister. 

Section 144 Imposed Near Delhi Airport

IGI airport
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

It was prompted by reports from IGI Airport’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) about laser beam-related incidents that caused pilot distraction, particularly during landing. According to ANI via India TV News, the order was issued to be in effect from June 1 to July 30. The ATC highlighted that laser beams cause a nuisance. They also pose significant dangers to the safety and security of passengers, crew, and aircraft. 

The detailed order outlines the issues arising from numerous farmhouses, banquets, hotels, and restaurants in the airport’s jurisdiction. Here, laser beams are frequently used during celebrations, leading to vision distractions for pilots.

The order also points out the absence of specific regulations governing the use of laser beams, particularly in open areas during the night. This lack of regulation necessitates immediate action to prevent potential dangers to human life and aircraft safety.

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Drone Ban For Enhanced Security

Drones banned
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In a separate but related order, the Delhi Police have also banned the use of drones and other unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) around the airport. This decision stems from credible intelligence indicating that terrorists may plan to execute attacks using UAS, including drones, para-gliders, hang-gliders, UAVs, and aero-models. According to ANI via India TV News, the unrestricted use of these devices by the public poses significant hazards to aviation safety and elevates the risk of terrorist air attacks.

The order underscores the critical need to prevent the operation of UAS. This arises from the standpoint of both aviation safety and security. It also mandates swift measures to counter these threats. The order emphasises that the safety and security of government, public property, and human lives are of paramount concern. 

These measures reflect the authorities’ approach to ensuring the safe and secure operation of air traffic.

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