Kajol On Parents’ Separation: They Were One In All Decisions Concerning My Life

by Shreya Ghosh
Kajol On Parents’ Separation: They Were One In All Decisions Concerning My Life

Any sort of separation or breakup leaves a deep impact on everyone. Be it a divorce or detachment from close friends and family, separation always hurt us. In an episode of Sunday Brunch, our guest Kajol shared some similar experiences of her life with our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani. She opened up about similar times in her life and also her bond and relationship with her parents in this episode of Sunday Brunch

Kajol Talks About Her Parents’ Separation!

Parent’s separation creates an effect on every child, no matter if they are young or adults. It doesn’t always have to be negative impacts but the changes are surely a bit overwhelming initially. While talking about Kajol’s parents’ separation, she shared how beautifully both her parents handled the situation, her, and Tanishaa (Kajol’s sister). Kajol shared with Kamiya, ‘ ‘I remember my mom sitting me down and having this conversation with me because I was like why do you have to live apart? And I must have been about 5 and a half at that point in time. I was like I want to go back. I want to live with my dad and I don’t want us to live here.’ While asking her mother to stay together, Tanuja Ji (Kajol’s mum) said something that really stayed with her. She said as quoted by Kajol, ‘We are better people when we are apart. Don’t you want us to be better people?’

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Even at that age, she understood it and thought her mother was right as she truly wants them to be better people. ‘I totally got it and there was no argument after that. And I remember both my mom and dad telling me that it doesn’t matter whether we are separated or not. For you, we will always be together.’

Her Parents Handled The Situation Beautifully!

Kajol talked about how her parents were one in all decisions concerning her life. She shared, ‘My dad and my mom were one as far as all the decisions in my life were concerned. I think both my mom and dad handled us absolutely brilliantly.’

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