Kaman Post In Uri Is The New Tourist Attraction The J&K Govt Wants You To Visit!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kaman Post In Uri Is The New Tourist Attraction The J&K Govt Wants You To Visit!

The Jammu & Kashmir government wants tourists to leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring the Union Territories. So, the government is promoting the redeveloped Kaman Post AKA Kaman Setu in Uri as the new tourist attraction to explore in Jammu & Kashmir. Let’s tell you why you should plan a trip to this place that falls on the Line of Control (LOC) region.

J&K Redevelops Kaman Post To Attract Visitors

Kaman Post is called the Bridge of Peace. Nestled in Uri, it’s slowly becoming a popular region in the Baramulla district. According to Hindustan Times, the Army is promoting Kaman Post by arranging field trips and motivational tours for school and college-going students. In these tours, students learn about the importance of LOC, the regional history and the significance of Kaman Post.

In this new but slowly emerging tourist attraction, visitors can understand the history of India-Pakistan relations along with the rulers and kingdoms in the region. Also, they can pay respect to brave Indian soldiers who laid down their lives by protecting this region. The fact that Kaman Post and its stores inspire the youth is the reason why it’s well-liked by visitors.

An Insight Into The History Of J&K

Over the years, the Army renovated this tourist spot falling in the LOC. At Kaman Post, the national flag flutters, 60 feet high, and a renovated cafe serves hot snacks to a large number of tourists. Faisal Iqbal Khan, a Sarpanch revealed to Hindustan Times revealed how the Army has now added details of martyrs and even created a Veer Path. The upgraded area offers a lot of information about the brave Indian martyrs. It even gives deep insight about the history of the rulers of Jammu Kashmir and much more.

And it’s not just visitors, even locals have whole-heartedly welcomed Kaman Post. And started visiting this tourist attraction, themselves. Even students have been quite overjoyed to visit a spot where they can witness history instead of reading the same from their textbooks.

So have you added this new tourist attraction to your J&K itinerary yet?

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